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Celebrity Picture Gallery

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St. Elsewhere Cast and Crew

Aaron Lohr (5 pictures)

Adam Arkin (46 pictures)
Doug Zageck

Adam Rich (15 pictures)
Louis Appleton

Akosua Busia (30 pictures)
Debra Etting

Al Berry (2 pictures)

Al Ruscio (18 pictures)

Alan Arkin (103 pictures)
Jerry Singleton

Alan Autry (45 pictures)
John Corzinsky

Alan Feinstein (7 pictures)
Michael Stewart

Alan Fudge (10 pictures)

Alan Haufrect (3 pictures)
Albert Runneger

Alan Oppenheimer (31 pictures)
Ira Rosenthal

Alan Young (52 pictures)

Albert Salmi (32 pictures)
Leo Rushcom

Alex Rocco (29 pictures)

Alfre Woodard (173 pictures)
Dr. Roxanne Turner

Alice Hirson (10 pictures)
Anne Overland

Alison Sweeney (278 pictures)

Allen Williams (5 pictures)
Hugh McFadden

Ally Sheedy (99 pictures)

Allyn Ann McLerie (34 pictures)
Roxanne Reed

Alma Beltran (1 picture)
Nurse Vela

Alma Martinez (2 pictures)

Amanda Wyss (40 pictures)
Pru Dowler

Amy Resnick (9 pictures)
Sally Lomax

Amzie Strickland (25 pictures)
Rae Mills

Andre Gower (9 pictures)

Andrea Barber (50 pictures)
Carrie Garman

Andy Romano (3 pictures)
Bob Overland

Angela Clarke (6 pictures)
Emma Keuhnelian

Anita Gillette (65 pictures)
Maureen Westphall

Ann Hearn (6 pictures)
Andrea Fordham

Ann Sweeny (10 pictures)
Mrs. Russ

Anne Gee Byrd (18 pictures)
Mrs. Brennan

Anne Haney (13 pictures)
Mrs. Clifford

Anne-Marie Martin (13 pictures)
Mrs. Dowd

Antony Ponzini (10 pictures)
Detective Franco

Arlen Dean Snyder (5 pictures)

Arthur Malet (12 pictures)
Mr. Peek

Austin Pendleton (43 pictures)
Mr. Entertainment

B.J. Ward (3 pictures)
Mrs. Elway

Barbara Collentine (1 picture)
Alice Landrum

Barbara Perry (4 pictures)

Barbara Tarbuck (12 pictures)
Agnes Najinsky

Barney Martin (41 pictures)
Mr. Duffy

Beah Richards (28 pictures)

Beatrice Straight (18 pictures)
Marjorie Andrews

Beau Starr (11 pictures)
Chuck DeMita

Ben Piazza (30 pictures)
Dr. Josiah Bartlett

Ben Slack (5 pictures)

Bernard Behrens (2 pictures)
George Rogers

Bette Ford (8 pictures)
Pat Kroll

Betty McGuire (3 pictures)

Betty White (515 pictures)
Capt. Gloria Neal

Bettye Ackerman (7 pictures)
Mrs. Nova

Beverly Sanders (12 pictures)
Mitzi Clarenden

Beverly Todd (10 pictures)
Corinne Close

Bibi Osterwald (34 pictures)

Bill Dana (48 pictures)
Mr. Fiscus

Bill Macy (28 pictures)
Hershel Millstein

Billy Gallo (17 pictures)

Blythe Danner (97 pictures)
Paige Gerradeaux

Bob Basso (6 pictures)

Bobbi Jo Lathan (6 pictures)
Prison Guard

Bonnie Bartlett (30 pictures)
Ellen Craig

Brandon Call (44 pictures)
Christopher McFadden

Brenda Strong (140 pictures)
Nadine Aurora

Brenda Vaccaro (55 pictures)
Rose Orso

Brian Kerwin (31 pictures)
Terence O'Casey

Brian McNamara (30 pictures)
Michael Endicott

Brian Tochi (4 pictures)
Dr. Alan Poe

Britt Leach (24 pictures)
Mr. Lennox

Bruce Gray (2 pictures)
Col. Harvey Blackwell

Bruce Greenwood (86 pictures)
Dr. Seth Griffin

Bruce M. Fischer (6 pictures)

Bruce Solomon (9 pictures)

Bryan Clark (9 pictures)
Dr. Watson

Byron Stewart (3 pictures)
Warren Coolidge

Cady McClain (22 pictures)
Erin Scheinfeld

Caitlin O'Heaney (24 pictures)
Debbie Hoffman

Candace Cameron Bure (300 pictures)
Megan White

Candy Clark (61 pictures)

Carel Struycken (110 pictures)
The Giant

Carlos Lacamara (6 pictures)

Carol Arthur (9 pictures)
Mrs. Stovall

Caroline McWilliams (36 pictures)
Dr. Christine Holtz

Caroline Smith (1 picture)
Sandra Gifford

Carrie Nye (52 pictures)
Lucinda Ferrare-Headley

Casey Siemaszko (26 pictures)
Rick Messina

Cassandra Peterson (380 pictures)

Chad Allen (52 pictures)
Tommy Westphall

Charles Cioffi (39 pictures)
Senator Gordon Endicott

Charles Lane (39 pictures)
Richard Welte

Charles Lanyer (1 picture)
Det. Alex McGallen

Charles Robinson (20 pictures)
Bill Austin

Charles Tyner (16 pictures)
Christopher Samus Payne

Charles Weldon (3 pictures)
Andrew Turner

Charlotte Rae (92 pictures)
Proud Mary

Christian Hoff (7 pictures)

Christina Pickles (26 pictures)
Nurse Helen Rosenthal

Christine Healy (3 pictures)
Katie Ewell

Christopher Allport (17 pictures)
Mr. Kent

Christopher Guest (108 pictures)
H.J. Cummings

Chuck McCann (26 pictures)
Mr. Stovall

Cindy Pickett (30 pictures)
Dr. Carol Novino

Clare Nono (4 pictures)
Mary Miteul

Concetta Tomei (37 pictures)
Elise Praeger

Conchata Ferrell (41 pictures)
Gina Barnett

Conrad Bachmann (4 pictures)

Conrad Janis (30 pictures)
Peter's Lawyer

Corinne Bohrer (31 pictures)
Suzanne McConnell

Cory 'Bumper' Yothers (3 pictures)
Joe Dempsey

Cotter Smith (17 pictures)
Dr. Rowe

Cristine Rose (37 pictures)

Curt Lowens (1 picture)

Cynthia Sikes (40 pictures)
Dr. Annie Cavanero

Cyril O'Reilly (12 pictures)

Dakin Matthews (23 pictures)

Dan Hedaya (50 pictures)
Joseph Keuhnelian

Dan Ziskie (1 picture)

David Birney (31 pictures)
Dr. Ben Samuels

David Byrd (11 pictures)
Robert O'Shea

David Elliott (1 picture)
Kevin O'Connor

David Faustino (89 pictures)

David Fresco (6 pictures)

David Friedman (3 pictures)
Terence O'Casey, Age 10

David Knell (9 pictures)
Matthew Brody

David Morse (34 pictures)
Dr. Jack Morrison

David Packer (12 pictures)
Willie Andrews

David Paymer (74 pictures)
Mr. Bickle

David Ruprecht (15 pictures)
Dennis Coler

David Wayne (222 pictures)
Dr. George Wyler

David Wohl (1 picture)

Davis Roberts (4 pictures)

Dawna Lee Heising (18 pictures)

Dean Jagger (26 pictures)
Dr. David Domedion

Deborah Goodrich (27 pictures)
Sarah Preston

Deborah Harmon (18 pictures)

Deborah May (2 pictures)
Terri Valere

Deborah Pollack (9 pictures)

Dee Hoty (20 pictures)
Dr. Patricia Meldrum

Dennis Dugan (22 pictures)

Dennis Patrick (7 pictures)
Mr. Collins

Denzel Washington (517 pictures)
Dr. Philip Chandler

Devon Ericson (21 pictures)
Katherine Auschlander

Diana Canova (58 pictures)
Dr. Valerie Harding

Diane Delano (9 pictures)

Diane Salinger (13 pictures)
Valerie Ives

Dick O'Neill (25 pictures)
Mr. O'Connor

Dick Shawn (88 pictures)
Edgar Eisenberg

Dody Goodman (46 pictures)
Gretchen Parks

Don DeFore (20 pictures)
Harry Klein

Doris Roberts (49 pictures)

Dorothy Fielding (2 pictures)
Dr. Nancy Paxton

Dorothy McGuire (98 pictures)
Augusta Endicott

Duke Stroud (3 pictures)

Earl Boen (39 pictures)
Walter Lankau

Ed Begley Jr. (57 pictures)
Dr. Victor Ehrlich

Ed Flanders (20 pictures)
Dr. Donald Westphall

Ed Lauter (41 pictures)
Stan Morgen

Eda Reiss Merin (1 picture)
Mrs. Gustas

Edith Diaz (6 pictures)

Edith Fellows (48 pictures)
Mrs. Sabin

Edith Fields (7 pictures)

Edward Herrmann (35 pictures)
Father Joseph McCabe

Eliza Roberts (17 pictures)
Nurse Nanette Satis

Elizabeth Norment (14 pictures)
Elaine Geyer

Elke Sommer (718 pictures)

Elya Baskin (3 pictures)
Dr. Peltrovich

Eric Christmas (24 pictures)
Jersey Piker

Eric Laneuville (15 pictures)
Luther Hawkins

Eric Stoltz (167 pictures)
Eddie Carson

Erik Holland (8 pictures)
Dr. Sven Holstrum

Ernie Hudson (41 pictures)
Jerry Close

Ernie Sabella (2 pictures)

Eva Le Gallienne (12 pictures)
Evelyn Milbourne

Florence Halop (6 pictures)
Mrs. Hufnagel

Ford Rainey (11 pictures)
Doc Bogert

France Nuyen (205 pictures)
Dr. Paulette Kiem

Frances Bay (27 pictures)
Mrs. Renninger

Frances Lee McCain (21 pictures)
Mrs. Reinhardt

Frank Hamilton (1 picture)

Frank Ramírez (1 picture)
Mr. Zapeta

G.W. Bailey (38 pictures)
Dr. Hugh Beale

Gary Morgan (1 picture)
College Kid

Georgann Johnson (23 pictures)
Dorothy O'Shea

George DelHoyo (16 pictures)
Ken Valere

George Morfogen (26 pictures)
Mr. Lukovic

George Petrie (5 pictures)
Mr. Ewell

George Wallace (8 pictures)

George Wendt (57 pictures)
Norm Peterson

Geraldine Fitzgerald (89 pictures)
Margaret Ryan

Gerrit Graham (24 pictures)
Mr. Gillette

Gina Hecht (19 pictures)

Greg Reid (1 picture)
Mr. Mirkin

Gregg Berger (5 pictures)
Dr. Van Werner

Gregory Itzin (20 pictures)
Ving Shalimar

Gretchen Wyler (29 pictures)
Joanne Jesmer

H. Richard Greene (3 pictures)
James Moynihan

Harold Gould (72 pictures)
Melvin Millstein

Harry Groener (25 pictures)
Willie McClintock

Heather McAdam (13 pictures)
Sandy Malin

Helen Hunt (761 pictures)
Clancy Williams

Helen Martin (7 pictures)
Elderly Lady

Helen Page Camp (4 pictures)
Mrs. Deangelis

Helen Stenborg (9 pictures)
Mrs. Johnston

Henry Beckman (12 pictures)

Henry G. Sanders (6 pictures)
Guard Neil Baldwin

Herb Edelman (50 pictures)
Richard Clarendon

Holgie Forrester (5 pictures)
Little Snoopy

Howard Duff (86 pictures)

Howard McGillin (4 pictures)

Howard Witt (1 picture)

Howie Mandel (58 pictures)
Dr. Wayne Fiscus

Ian Fried (5 pictures)
Jeff Rosenthal

Ian Giatti (3 pictures)

Ilene Graff (84 pictures)
Heidi Brechman

Irene Tedrow (31 pictures)

Jack Bannon (6 pictures)
Stephen MacAllister

Jack Dodson (22 pictures)
Judge Farnham

Jack Kehler (8 pictures)

Jack McGee (32 pictures)

Jack Riley (9 pictures)
Elliot Carlin

Jackie Cooper (366 pictures)
Dr. David Domedion

Jaclyn Bernstein (21 pictures)

James Avery (39 pictures)
Man in ER.

James Coco (79 pictures)

James Hong (41 pictures)
Mr. Wong

James Keane (2 pictures)

James McEachin (38 pictures)
Harris Jeffries

James Sutorius (16 pictures)
Sam Hendrix

Jamey Sheridan (24 pictures)
Webb Etlee

Jamie Rose (16 pictures)
Dr. Birch

Jane Daly (3 pictures)

Jane Kaczmarek (30 pictures)
Sandy Burns

Jane Merrow (34 pictures)

Jane Wyatt (116 pictures)
Katherine Auschlander

Janis Paige (326 pictures)
Dee Mackaluso

Jason Bateman (396 pictures)
Tim Moynihan

Jayne Meadows (34 pictures)
Olga Osoranski

Jean Allison (1 picture)
Marie Benzinger

Jean Bruce Scott (22 pictures)
Roberta Sloan

Jean Sincere (4 pictures)
Mrs. Woolson

Jeana Keough (35 pictures)
Hawkins' dream

Jeanette Nolan (29 pictures)
Sophia Pavlon

Jeannetta Arnette (11 pictures)
Louise Garrison

Jeannie Elias (2 pictures)
Marcy Eisenberg

Jeff Allin (3 pictures)
Alex Corey

Jeff McCracken (8 pictures)
Mr. Stritch

Jennifer Savidge (6 pictures)
Nurse Lucy Papandrao

Jenny O'Hara (23 pictures)
Sue Follett

Jeremy Licht (18 pictures)
Robbie Durant

Jesse Dizon (6 pictures)
Ferdinand Cantancio

Jessica James (1 picture)
Dental Assistant

Jill Andre (5 pictures)

Jim Lefebvre (23 pictures)
Silvio Castelli

Jim Storm (8 pictures)
Dr. Oliver George

Jimmy Lydon (40 pictures)
Harold O'Shea

Jo de Winter (9 pictures)

Joan Hotchkis (30 pictures)
Dr. Mary Carlisle

Joanna Miles (3 pictures)
Mrs. Belvedere

Joe Regalbuto (23 pictures)
Attorney Michaelson

Joel Polis (3 pictures)
Jeff Hassett

Joey Aresco (1 picture)

John Achorn (1 picture)

John Astin (50 pictures)

John Dennis Johnston (17 pictures)
Nick Moats

John Furlong (5 pictures)
Sea Captain

John Kellogg (1 picture)
Henry Spooner

John McIntire (29 pictures)
Harry Cragen

John Ratzenberger (95 pictures)
Cliff Clavin

John Sanderford (13 pictures)
Barry Mallory

John Schuck (18 pictures)
Andrew Wegener

John Scott Clough (9 pictures)
Kevin O'Casey

John Steadman (3 pictures)
Mr. Andover

John Stuart West (2 pictures)

John Zarchen (5 pictures)

Jonathan Goldsmith (18 pictures)
Dr. Julius Markes

Joseph Kell (6 pictures)

Joseph Maher (40 pictures)
Mr. Milbourne

Joseph Runningfox (1 picture)
Proud Eagle

Joshua Bryant (20 pictures)
Dr. Bond Stevens

Joshua Gallegos (2 pictures)
Prisoner #06325

Joshua Harris (1 picture)
Donnie Westphall, Age 6

Juanita Jennings (3 pictures)

Judith Barsi (45 pictures)
Debbie Oppenheimer

Judith Kahan (4 pictures)
Mary Brechman

Judith Light (1,437 pictures)
Barbara Lonnicker

Judyann Elder (6 pictures)
Elodie Haber

Julie Cobb (20 pictures)
Mrs. Moynihan

Julius Harris (19 pictures)

K.C. Martel (1 picture)

K Callan (32 pictures)
Patty Galecki

Karen Austin (24 pictures)
Dr. Mary Woodley

Karen Huie (9 pictures)

Karen Landry (7 pictures)
Myra White

Kate Mulgrew (51 pictures)
Helen O'Casey

Kathleen Lloyd (28 pictures)

Kathy Bates (205 pictures)

Kavi Raz (9 pictures)
Dr. Vijay Kochar

Keenan Wynn (66 pictures)
Charlie Heller

Ken Magee (1 picture)

Keone Young (12 pictures)

Ketty Lester (18 pictures)
Mrs. Callan

Kevin Scannell (4 pictures)

Kim Hamilton (18 pictures)

Kim Johnston Ulrich (19 pictures)
Gena Parrish

Kim Miyori (1 picture)
Dr. Wendy Armstrong

Kip Gilman (9 pictures)
Dr. Duncan Harper

Kyle Secor (18 pictures)
Brett Johnston

Kymberly Herrin (12 pictures)
Hawkins' dream

Lainie Kazan (86 pictures)
Mrs. Fiscus

Lance Guest (20 pictures)
Orderly Rooney

Lane Binkley (3 pictures)
Roweena Hampton

Laraine Newman (20 pictures)
Jane Zontell

Larry B. Scott (6 pictures)

Lauren Woodland (14 pictures)

Laurie O'Brien (6 pictures)
Mrs. Morgen

Lawrence Pressman (20 pictures)

Leah Ayres (28 pictures)
Mona Polito

Lee Bryant (2 pictures)
Dr. Francine Kennedy

Lee Ryan (179 pictures)
Patrolman Pete Malloy

Leigh French (7 pictures)

Leo Gordon (51 pictures)
Bjorn Johnston

Lewis Arquette (3 pictures)
Judge Ellsworth

Liam Sullivan (2 pictures)
Dr. Burt Hammond

Lili Haydn (9 pictures)

Lillian Adams (6 pictures)
Mrs. Rizzo

Lily Mariye (3 pictures)
Nurse Sherry Long

Linda Carlson (9 pictures)
Janet Dalton

Linda Kelsey (20 pictures)
Cape Resident

Linda Thorson (126 pictures)
Mrs. Cochrane

Lisa Bonet (366 pictures)

Liz Sheridan (15 pictures)
Dr. Susan Mauri

Lois Foraker (4 pictures)

Lou Jacobi (27 pictures)
Rabbi Singer

Lou Richards (5 pictures)
William Craig

Louis Giambalvo (9 pictures)
Anthony Rizzo

Louis Nye (23 pictures)
Dr. Axelrod

Louise Lasser (68 pictures)
Aunt Charise

Lurene Tuttle (13 pictures)
Ellen's Mother

Lyle Talbot (20 pictures)
Johnny Barnes

Lynn Whitfield (37 pictures)
Annie Callan

Macon McCalman (10 pictures)
Henry Judson

Madelyn Cates (1 picture)
Evelyn Pettrick

Malcolm Stewart (1 picture)
Tim Treadway

Marc Poppel (1 picture)
Richard Jenkins

Marcelo Tubert (12 pictures)

Marcia de Rousse (1 picture)
Harriet Appleton

Marian Mercer (62 pictures)
Eve Leighton

Marie Denn (2 pictures)
Una Percival

Marilyn Jones (7 pictures)
Allyson Gladden O'Casey

Mark Blum (12 pictures)
Dr. Vogel

Mark Harmon (168 pictures)
Dr. Robert Caldwell

Martin Azarow (2 pictures)
Fat Man

Mary Gregory (7 pictures)
Lillian Schecter

Mary Margaret Lewis (3 pictures)
Nurse Lynn Thornton

Mary Woronov (92 pictures)

Matt Frewer (42 pictures)

Matt McColm (21 pictures)
College Kid

Matthew Faison (11 pictures)
Mr. Woodman

Melinda Culea (18 pictures)

Melissa Francis (37 pictures)

Melody Anderson (54 pictures)
Nurse Jill Roberts

Michael Brandon (55 pictures)
Anthony Gifford

Michael Des Barres (67 pictures)

Michael Dukakis (30 pictures)

Michael Ensign (21 pictures)

Michael Goodwin (1 picture)
Dr. Christoper Rant

Michael Learned (38 pictures)
Sister Millicent Domenica

Michael Madsen (171 pictures)
Mike O'Connor

Michael Pataki (1 picture)

Michael Richards (47 pictures)
Bill Wolf

Michael Saucedo (9 pictures)

Michael Wyle (1 picture)

Michelle Walker (1 picture)
Stephanie Whitehill

Micole Mercurio (10 pictures)
Mary Abernathy

Miguel Sandoval (22 pictures)
Mr. Heath

Milo O'Shea (30 pictures)
Brendon Connelly

Milton Selzer (1 picture)
Rabbi Tolkien

Mimi Cozzens (3 pictures)

Mimi Kennedy (24 pictures)
Lois Wegener

Mitchell Ryan (24 pictures)

Molly Cheek (9 pictures)
Leslie Stevenson

Nan Martin (26 pictures)
Mrs. Stevenson

Nancy Stafford (8 pictures)
Joan Halloran

Nathan Purdee (4 pictures)

Nestor Serrano (24 pictures)

Neva Patterson (2 pictures)
Marguerite Spooner

Nicholas Pryor (22 pictures)
Prison Doctor

Nick DeMauro (5 pictures)

Norman Burton (8 pictures)

Norman Lloyd (11 pictures)
Dr. Daniel Auschlander

Oliver Clark (8 pictures)
John Doe #6

Olivia Barash (32 pictures)

Pamela Dunlap (10 pictures)

Pat Corley (9 pictures)
Norman Wyler

Pat Hingle (61 pictures)
Walter Schaeffer

Pat McNamara (1 picture)
Mr. Kremmins

Patricia Elliott (1 picture)
Ms. Colman

Patricia Gaul (3 pictures)
Mrs. Tillman

Patricia Harty (30 pictures)
Dr. Linda Ellis

Patricia Wettig (19 pictures)

Patrick Collins (1 picture)
Boston Massachusetts

Patrika Darbo (22 pictures)
Kathy Goderegius

Paul Carafotes (4 pictures)

Paul Linke (27 pictures)
Dr. Herb Bensick

Paul Sand (38 pictures)
Dr. Michael Ridley

Paula Kelly (6 pictures)

Pauly Shore (73 pictures)

Peggy McCay (21 pictures)
Claire Fields

Peggy Pope (32 pictures)

Penelope Ann Miller (74 pictures)

Penny Santon (4 pictures)
Frannie Catalano

Peter Brocco (13 pictures)

Peter Evans (1 picture)
Dr. Meldrin

Peter Hobbs (23 pictures)
Mr. Ullman

Peter Horton (37 pictures)
Barry Dorn

Peter Iacangelo (4 pictures)

Peter Kwong (8 pictures)
Dr. Wang

Peter Maloney (35 pictures)
Dr. Burgess

Peter Michael Goetz (12 pictures)
Dr. Larry Andrews

Philip Abbott (11 pictures)
John Killian

Philip Bruns (15 pictures)
Marvin Kroll

Brian Dalton

Philip Sterling (5 pictures)
Dr. Simon Weiss

Piper Laurie (191 pictures)
Fran Singleton

Priscilla Morrill (26 pictures)
Sister Teresa

Priscilla Pointer (20 pictures)
Marie Halloran

Priscilla Weems (51 pictures)
Sarah O'Casey

R.J. Williams (4 pictures)
Tim Perry

Rae Dawn Chong (72 pictures)
Billie Vaughn

Rafael Campos (27 pictures)

Ralph Drischell (3 pictures)
Dr. Arnold Lesse

Randy Gardner (9 pictures)
Randy Gardner

Ray Birk (16 pictures)

Ray Charles (112 pictures)
Arthur Tibbits

Ray Girardin (14 pictures)

Ray Liotta (160 pictures)

Ray Walston (152 pictures)
Dr. Arrowsmith

Raymond Singer (1 picture)
Al Kleckner

Rebecca Schull (19 pictures)

Redmond Gleeson (3 pictures)
Garth Landrum

Reid Shelton (40 pictures)
Dr. Barton

Renée Taylor (74 pictures)
Dr. Charlotte Miller

Rhea Perlman (113 pictures)
Carla Tortelli

Rhoda Gemignani (18 pictures)
Andrea Novino

Richard Chaves (22 pictures)
Tim Potts

Richard Gilliland (29 pictures)
Mr. Fitzsimmons

Richard Green (1 picture)

Richard Hamilton (3 pictures)
Arthur Schaeffer

Richard Kline (55 pictures)

Richard Lawson (19 pictures)

Richard Roat (3 pictures)
Randall Sloan

Ricky Paull Goldin (68 pictures)
Kevin Carney

Rita Taggart (3 pictures)
Nurse Losef

Rita Zohar (9 pictures)
Dr. Vera Anya

Rob Lee (1 picture)
Man on Airplane

Rob Paulsen (3 pictures)
Ryan S. Hope

Robert Clohessy (13 pictures)

Robert Costanzo (22 pictures)
Mr. Broadwater

Robert Davi (23 pictures)

Robert Hogan (11 pictures)
Mr. Greely

Robert Jayne (2 pictures)
Stan Morgen Jr.

Robert Pastorelli (22 pictures)
Danny Christiano

Robert Picardo (30 pictures)

Robert Romanus (31 pictures)
Nick Meose

Robert Rothwell (3 pictures)
Jury Foreman

Robert Symonds (2 pictures)

Roberta Maxwell (17 pictures)
Cat Lady

Roderick M. Spencer (23 pictures)
Mr. Henry

Ron Fassler (3 pictures)
Larry Darnell

Ronny Cox (32 pictures)
Dr. John Gideon

Rosalind Allen (28 pictures)
Beverly Colfax

Rosalind Chao (6 pictures)
Mary Wilson

Rosanne Katon (8 pictures)
Amanda Taylor

Rosemary DeCamp (47 pictures)
Amy Jeffries

Rudy Ramos (21 pictures)
Bernie Arguello

Ruth Kobart (12 pictures)
Mrs. Fustino

S. Pearl Sharp (6 pictures)
Nurse Peggy Shotwell

Sagan Lewis (5 pictures)
Dr. Jacqueline Wade

Sam Anderson (29 pictures)
Mr. McGrath

Sandy Martin (7 pictures)
Mrs. Lawson

Sandy Ward (12 pictures)

Santos Morales (6 pictures)
Mr. Guiterrez

Sasha Mitchell (62 pictures)

Scott Allan Campbell (7 pictures)
Frederick Hirsch

Scott Colomby (28 pictures)

Scott Paulin (5 pictures)
Stephen Craig

Sharon Barr (3 pictures)

Shelley Berman (11 pictures)
Bill Belvedere

Shelly Desai (2 pictures)
Ahjai Sihkan

Shirley Prestia (1 picture)
Judith Phelps

Stacey Dash (416 pictures)
Penny Franks

Stacy Keach Sr. (9 pictures)
Father Sturm

Stacy Peralta (8 pictures)
Jeff Bates

Starletta DuPois (6 pictures)
Dora Chambers

Stephen Elliott (25 pictures)
Manny Schecter

Stephen Furst (37 pictures)
Dr. Elliot Axelrod

Stephen Liska (1 picture)
Mr. Imperi

Stephen Shortridge (1 picture)
ER Patient

Steve Allen (32 pictures)
Lech Osoranski

Steve Eastin (1 picture)
Detective Thibideaux

Steven Eckholdt (16 pictures)
Dino Perelli

Susan Watson (68 pictures)
Mrs. McLean

Suzanne Kent (2 pictures)
Nurse Pam Krassel

Sydney Penny (102 pictures)
Melissa Greely

Tai Babilonia (26 pictures)
Tai Babilonia

Taliesin Jaffe (7 pictures)
Jimmy Hassett

Tammy Grimes (101 pictures)
Fairy Godmother

Teddi Siddall (1 picture)

Thomas Bellin (3 pictures)

Thomas Byrd (1 picture)
Kevin Hooper

Thomas Hill (7 pictures)

Thomas Wilson Brown (12 pictures)

Tim Robbins (178 pictures)
Andrew Reinhardt

Tim Thomerson (9 pictures)
Ebenezer Wright

Timothy Van Patten (41 pictures)

Todd Susman (34 pictures)
Victor Bevine

Tom Atkins (30 pictures)
Bob Lonnicker

Tom Hulce (45 pictures)
John Doe #12

Tom Poston (44 pictures)
Jim Morrison

Tom Tammi (3 pictures)
Mr. Dempsey

Tom Tarpey (1 picture)
Mr. Kotlarz

Tommy Madden (1 picture)
Vern Appleton

Tony Bill (7 pictures)
Brian Whitehill

Tony Goldwyn (306 pictures)

Tony Longo (6 pictures)

Tracy Nelson (50 pictures)
Jennifer Milbourne

Tricia Lange (14 pictures)
Tap-Dancing Girl

Valerie Wildman (6 pictures)
Woman in Bar

Vic Polizos (17 pictures)
Sergeant Raymondo

Victor Arnold (1 picture)

Virginia Capers (1 picture)
Admit Clerk

Virginya Keehne (17 pictures)

Vivian Bonnell (4 pictures)
Nurse Skilling

Walter Brooke (19 pictures)
Dr. Lunden

Wendy Phillips (9 pictures)
Diane Hassett

Wendy Wessberg (1 picture)
Scrub Nurse

Wil Wheaton (76 pictures)
Owen Drimmer

William Bramley (9 pictures)
Mr. Czeski

William Bronder (9 pictures)
Mr. Grossman

William Daniels (253 pictures)
Dr. Mark Craig

William Frankfather (8 pictures)
Prison Official

William G. Schilling (22 pictures)
Mr. Bricker

William Russ (30 pictures)
Patrick O'Casey

William Sadler (51 pictures)
Mr. Oppenheimer

William Schallert (48 pictures)
Dr. Olan Standley

William Windom (65 pictures)
Charlie Halloran

Zeljko Ivanek (27 pictures)
Mark Dolson

ZZ Top (65 pictures)
Band in Luther's Dream Sequence

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you are so gorgeous. looked fabulous on the fallon show,inthe white dress, ...

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