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Celebrity Picture Gallery

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Inspector Lewis Cast and Crew

Abby Ford (1 picture)
Isabel Dawson

Ace Bhatti (15 pictures)
Rizwan Nooran

Adam James (15 pictures)
Ethan Croft

Adam Levy (1 picture)
Dr. Nicolae Belisarius

Aden Gillett (4 pictures)
Tom Marston

Adrian Lukis (22 pictures)
Jem Wishart

Adrian Rawlins (7 pictures)
Harry Bundrick

Aisling Bea (162 pictures)
Hotel Receptionist

Alan Davies (18 pictures)
Marcus Richards

Alastair Mackenzie (43 pictures)
Sebastian Anderson

Alec Newman (7 pictures)
Graham Lawrie

Alex Jennings (20 pictures)
Rev Conor Hawes

Alex Macqueen (16 pictures)
Dr. Julius Fisher

Alex Price (8 pictures)
Victor Clerval

Alison Steadman (25 pictures)
Rev Martha Seager

Amanda Ryan (6 pictures)
Gina Goffe

Amelia Bullmore (17 pictures)
Caroline Hope

Anastasia Hille (13 pictures)
Ginny Harris

Andi Osho (1 picture)

Andrea Lowe (23 pictures)
Philippa Garwood

Andreea Paduraru (2 pictures)
Jenny March

Andrew Hawley (2 pictures)
Jez Haydock

Andrew Knott (28 pictures)
Ryan Gallen

Angela Griffin (37 pictures)
DS Lizzie Maddox

Anna Carteret (2 pictures)
Gillian Fernsby

Anna Chancellor (35 pictures)
Judith Suskin

Anna Koval (7 pictures)
Diane Baxter

Anna Madeley (60 pictures)
Anne Sadikov

Anna Massey (73 pictures)
Prof. Margaret Gold

Anna Wilson-Jones (4 pictures)
Stanza Massey

Annabelle Apsion (17 pictures)
Babs Temple

Anthony Calf (2 pictures)
Malcolm Finniston

Anthony Higgins (4 pictures)

Antonia Campbell-Hughes (15 pictures)
Chloe Brooks

Ariyon Bakare (19 pictures)
Carl Drew

Art Malik (34 pictures)
Professor Hamid Jassim

Babou Ceesay (6 pictures)
DC Alex Gray

Beatie Edney (53 pictures)
Justine Skinner

Ben Addis (1 picture)
Junior Porter

Ben Aldridge (actor) (8 pictures)
Daniel Rattenbury

Ben Loyd-Holmes (1 picture)
Muscle Boy

Ben Righton (3 pictures)
TV News Reporter

Beth Goddard (2 pictures)
Belinda Ashton

Bobby Lockwood (36 pictures)
Sam Langton

Bradley James (118 pictures)
Jack Roth

Bronson Webb (11 pictures)
Silas Whittaker

Bryan Dick (13 pictures)
Phil Beaumont

Camilla Arfwedson (16 pictures)
Scarlett Mortmaigne

Cara Horgan (24 pictures)
Alice Wishart

Carolyn Pickles (17 pictures)
Jane Templeton

Catherine Steadman (37 pictures)
Polly Beatty

Catherine Walker (1 picture)
Fiona McKendrick

Cathy Tyson (1 picture)
Dr Patterson

Celia Imrie (48 pictures)
Michelle Marber

Charlie Cox (150 pictures)
Danny Griffon

Cherie Lunghi (37 pictures)
Grace Orde

Cheryl Campbell (11 pictures)
Valli Helm

Chiké Okonkwo (4 pictures)
Jonjo Read

Chris Cowlin (6 pictures)
Police Officer

Christina Cole (61 pictures)
Claire Gansa

Christopher Fosh (6 pictures)

Christopher Timothy (16 pictures)
Barry Winter

Clare Holman (9 pictures)
Dr. Laura Hobson

Clive Merrison (1 picture)
Simon Flaxmore

Con O'Neill (9 pictures)
Dr. Bob Massey

Crystal Leaity (1 picture)
Rachel Cliff

Daisy Lewis (19 pictures)
Emma Golding

Daniel Kaluuya (151 pictures)

Daniel Lapaine (14 pictures)
Kit Renton

Daniel Sharman (44 pictures)
Richard Scott

Daniela Nardini (13 pictures)
Magda Donnelly

Danny Midwinter (2 pictures)
Steven Mullan

Danny Webb (8 pictures)
Tom Pollock

David Calder (20 pictures)
Andrew Lipton

David Hayman (1 picture)
Richie Maguire

David Ryall (1 picture)
Mr. Cooper

David Soul (71 pictures)
Paul Yelland

David Warner (61 pictures)
Donald Lockston

David Westhead (20 pictures)
Leon Suskin

Deborah Findlay (8 pictures)
Lady Hugh

Diana Quick (16 pictures)
Gwen Raeburn

Dominic Mafham (1 picture)
Frank McLean

Don Warrington (25 pictures)
Marcus Harding

Doreen Mantle (18 pictures)

Douglas Henshall (41 pictures)
Alex Gansa

Ed Pearce (3 pictures)

Edward Fox (22 pictures)
Dr. Yardley

Edwin Thomas (9 pictures)
Reuben Beatty

Elize du Toit (106 pictures)
Andrea De Ritter

Ellie Kendrick (27 pictures)
Megan Linn

Emily Beecham (93 pictures)
Nell Buckley

Emily Bruni (12 pictures)
Jessamine Matthews

Emily Joyce (3 pictures)
Jane Grace

Emma Cleasby (23 pictures)
Jessica Neill

Emma Cunniffe (1 picture)
Bryony Willet

Erich Redman (2 pictures)

Eva Sayer (1 picture)
Anna Mallory

Felix Scott (11 pictures)

Finn Cole (3 pictures)
Ollie Tedman

Fiona Wade (21 pictures)

Florence Brudenell-Bruce (66 pictures)
Amy Katz

Freddie Fox (26 pictures)
Sebastian Dromgoole

Gary Kemp (18 pictures)
Tom Garland

Georgia Groome (81 pictures)
Briony Grahame

Georgia Taylor (9 pictures)
Honey Addams

Gerard Horan (14 pictures)
DC Hooper

Gillian Bevan (28 pictures)
Sadie McEwan

Gina McKee (25 pictures)
Diane Turnbull

Glenn Webster (27 pictures)

Greg Bennett (3 pictures)
Police Constable

Guy Henry (1 picture)
Professor Pelham

Gwilym Lee (76 pictures)
Terry Bainbridge

Harry Lloyd (25 pictures)

Hattie Morahan (21 pictures)
Ruth Brooks

Haydn Gwynne (9 pictures)
Sandra Walters

Helen Baxendale (12 pictures)

Helen Grace (36 pictures)
Gwen Milner

Hermione Gulliford (14 pictures)
Lucy Sopher

Honeysuckle Weeks (35 pictures)
Carina Beskin

Hugh O'Conor (2 pictures)
Father Jasper

Ian Burfield (6 pictures)

Ian McNeice (26 pictures)
Rev King

Ian Mercer (9 pictures)
Lester Garvey

Ian Puleston-Davies (7 pictures)
Frank Guitteau

Jack Ellis (1 picture)
Rex Griffon

Jack Fox (21 pictures)
Alfie Wilkinson

Jack Roth (2 pictures)
Jack Collins

James Fleet (7 pictures)
Dr. Alex Falconer

James Fox (34 pictures)
Professor Norman Deering

James Wilby (5 pictures)
Hugh Mallory

Jason Done (1 picture)
Paul Brightway

Jason Durr (32 pictures)
DI Peterson

Jason Watkins (2 pictures)
Oswald Cooper

Jeany Spark (6 pictures)
Jane Evans

Jemma Redgrave (19 pictures)
Trudi Griffon

Jenn Murray (9 pictures)
Charlotte Corwin

Jenny Seagrove (39 pictures)
Cecile Rattenbury

Jessica Henwick (63 pictures)
Chloe Ilson

Joanna Christie (1 picture)
Sarah Kriel

Joanna Lumley (315 pictures)
Esmé Ford

Joanna Roth (7 pictures)
Christine Hawkins

Joanne Pearce (1 picture)
Marion Ferber

John Light (19 pictures)
Felix Garwood

John Sessions (20 pictures)
Professor Rufus Strickfaden

John Wood (18 pictures)
Edward le Passiter

Jonathan Bailey (23 pictures)
Titus Mortmaigne

Jonny Phillips (2 pictures)
Alistair Stoke

Josephine Tewson (17 pictures)
Hazel O'Brien

Josh O'Connor (5 pictures)
Charlie Stephenson

Julia Joyce (46 pictures)
Izzie Mallory

Julian Wadham (11 pictures)
Tom Rattenbury

Juliet Aubrey (93 pictures)
Selina Mortmaigne

Juliet Stevenson (39 pictures)
Diana Ellerby

Kara Tointon (400 pictures)
Erica Stoke

Katia Winter (3 pictures)
Marina Hartner

Katrine De Candole (1 picture)
Davina Garland

Kellie Shirley (17 pictures)
Madeleine Cotton

Kevin Whately (33 pictures)
DI Robert Lewis

Kirsten Sheridan (2 pictures)
WPC Stapleton

Laura O'Toole (12 pictures)

Laurence Fox (48 pictures)
DS James Hathaway

Lee Nicholas Harris (22 pictures)
Police Officer

Lesley Vickerage (3 pictures)
Katherine Dutta

Lia Williams (15 pictures)
Emma Barnes

Liz Crowther (1 picture)
Mrs Leeming

Lizzy McInnerny (7 pictures)
Kate Jekyll

Lorcan Cranitch (1 picture)
Liam Cullen

Louise Dylan (2 pictures)
Melanie Harding

Lucy Boynton (775 pictures)
Zoe Suskin

Lucy Cohu (18 pictures)
Marion Hammond

Lucy Griffiths (65 pictures)
Madeleine Escher

Lucy Liemann (15 pictures)
Bethan Vickery

Lucy Robinson (16 pictures)
Louise Hayward

Lucy Speed (7 pictures)
Louise Cornish

Mali Harries (14 pictures)
Sarah Alderwood

Marc Elliott (7 pictures)
Hal Bose

Mark Powley (2 pictures)
Jack Cornish

Martin Chamberlain (1 picture)

Martyn Mayger (2 pictures)

Matilda Ziegler (6 pictures)
Helena Wright

Matthew Marsh (15 pictures)
Henry McEwan

Merveille Lukeba (13 pictures)
Kyle Hutchinson

Michael Maloney (6 pictures)
Ivor Denniston

Michael Pennington (3 pictures)
Dr. Melville

Michael Shelford (1 picture)
PC Baynes

Miranda Raison (98 pictures)
Stella Drew

Nadine Lewington (5 pictures)
Liv Nash

Nancy Carroll (1 picture)
Anne Rand

Naomi Scott (583 pictures)
Sahira Desai

Natalia Ryumina (7 pictures)

Natalie Dew (3 pictures)
Sophie Barton

Nathaniel Parker (5 pictures)
Philip Coleman

Neil Pearson (16 pictures)
Dr. Stringer

Niall Buggy (1 picture)
R.G. Cole

Niamh Cusack (2 pictures)
Dr. Ellen Jacoby

Nichola Burley (8 pictures)
Karen Wilde

Nicholas Briggs (10 pictures)

Nicholas Farrell (29 pictures)
Charles Milner

Nina Sosanya (27 pictures)
Lilian Hunter

Oliver Lansley (1 picture)
David Capstone

Oliver Milburn (14 pictures)
Charlie Newton

Olivia Scott (1 picture)

Olly Alexander (5 pictures)
Hayden Wishart

Ophelia Lovibond (94 pictures)
Jessica Rattenbury

Orlando Seale (9 pictures)
Dr. Beckham

Owen Teale (13 pictures)
Nicky Turnbull

Pamela Nomvete (5 pictures)
Helen Parsons

Patrick Baladi (8 pictures)
Robert Fraser

Paul Anderson (22 pictures)
Alastair Darlow

Paul Blackwell (1 picture)
Police Officer

Perdita Weeks (115 pictures)

Peter Davison (41 pictures)
Peter Faulkner

Peter De Jersey (18 pictures)
Andrew Dimmock

Phoebe Nicholls (11 pictures)
Caroline Croft

Pip Torrens (13 pictures)
Malcolm Croft

Pippa Bennett-Warner (21 pictures)
Female Reporter

Pippa Haywood (13 pictures)
Veronica Gray

Priyanga Burford (7 pictures)
Katherine Warwick

Rachael Blake (48 pictures)
Ann Kriel

Rachael Stirling (48 pictures)
Zoë Kenneth

Ralf Little (3 pictures)
Sean Wilkinson

Rebecca Front (5 pictures)
Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent

Richard Durden (4 pictures)
John Gracey

Richard Herdman (15 pictures)
Police Officer

Richard Johnson (44 pictures)
Augustus Mortmaigne

Richard Lintern (3 pictures)
Sefton Linn

Richard McCabe (2 pictures)
Gavin Matthews

Rita Davies (6 pictures)
Edna O'Brien

Robert Hardy (19 pictures)
Sir Arnold Raeburn

Ron Donachie (6 pictures)
Professor Angus Rawbone

Ronald Pickup (14 pictures)
Fr Moreno Mancini

Ronan Vibert (4 pictures)
Simon Monkford

Roxanne McKee (89 pictures)
Briony Keagan

Royce Pierreson (1 picture)
Oliver Bowcock

Rupert Graves (42 pictures)
Alec Pickman

Ruth Gemmell (13 pictures)
Robyn Strong

Sally Bretton (14 pictures)
Eve Rigby

Sam Alexander (4 pictures)
Eric Jameson

Sam Hazeldine (21 pictures)
Dane Wise

Sanjeev Bhaskar (11 pictures)
Kanan Dutta

Sarah Quintrell (1 picture)

Saskia Reeves (17 pictures)
Alison McLennan

Sean McGinley (23 pictures)
Keiran Donnelly

Selina Cadell (9 pictures)
Professor Rutherford

Shanaya Rafaat (9 pictures)
Talika Desai

Shane Hart (1 picture)

Shola Adewusi (2 pictures)

Siân Phillips (31 pictures)
Adele Goffe

Simon Callow (25 pictures)
Vernon Oxe

Sonya Cassidy (39 pictures)

Sophie Ward (14 pictures)
Isobel Crompton

Sophie Winkleman (49 pictures)
Regan Peverill

Sorcha Cusack (4 pictures)
Prof Joanna Pinnock

Stella Gonet (26 pictures)
Frances Woodville

Steve Pemberton (3 pictures)
Ian Tedman

Steve Toussaint (3 pictures)
CS Joseph Moody

Stuart Milligan (3 pictures)

Susan Wooldridge (5 pictures)
Dr Sally Rook

Suzette Llewellyn (1 picture)
Susan Smith

Sylvestra Le Touzel (11 pictures)
Caroline Eagleton

Tanya Moodie (3 pictures)
Felicity Prior

Taron Egerton (334 pictures)
Liam Jay

Teresa Mahoney (1 picture)

Thomas Brodie-Sangster (104 pictures)
Adam Douglas

Thusitha Jayasundera (1 picture)
Ayesha Nooran

Tim Dutton (6 pictures)
Simon Ashton

Tim Pigott-Smith (21 pictures)
Jasper Hammond

Timothy Carlton (13 pictures)

Timothy West (14 pictures)
Donald Terry

Toby Stephens (69 pictures)
David Connelly

Tom Brooke (2 pictures)
Brian Miller

Tom Goodman-Hill (63 pictures)
Richard Helm

Tom Mison (25 pictures)
Dorian Crane

Tom Riley (48 pictures)
Philip Horton

Tosin Cole (40 pictures)
Djimon Adomakoh

Tuppence Middleton (221 pictures)
Vicki Walmsley

Vincent Regan (24 pictures)
David Hayward

Wanda Ventham (70 pictures)
Eleanor Mallory

Warren Clarke (49 pictures)
Roger Temple

William Hope (13 pictures)
Quentin Jackson

William Houston (3 pictures)
George Stoker

Yves O'Hara (3 pictures)
Cafe Guest

Zoe Boyle (33 pictures)
Hope Ransome

Zoë Tapper (75 pictures)
Elizabeth Capstone

Zoe Telford (44 pictures)
Freya Carlisle

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