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Celebrity Picture Gallery

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Holby City Cast and Crew

Abby Ford (1 picture)
Eva Lane

Ace Bhatti (15 pictures)
Andy Fishman

Adam Croasdell (28 pictures)
Jason Hicks

Adam Ewan (3 pictures)
Dion Sands

Adam Howden (1 picture)
Bilf Travers

Adam James (15 pictures)
Alan McLaren

Adam Levy (1 picture)
Alexis Kyriakos

Adam Paul Harvey (13 pictures)
Scott Johnston

Adam Sinclair (1 picture)
Alan Thomas

Aden Gillett (4 pictures)
Edward Campbell

Adhir Kalyan (25 pictures)
Arjmand Younis

Adrian Edmondson (1 picture)
Percy 'Abra' Durant

Adrian Lewis Morgan (11 pictures)
Liam Evans

Adrian McLoughlin (4 pictures)
Gerry Pedler

Adrian Rawlins (7 pictures)
Chris Eastwood

Adrian Schiller (7 pictures)
Colin Jenner

Aiko Horiuchi (2 pictures)

Aimee Kelly (27 pictures)
Primrose Budd

Ainsley Howard (4 pictures)
Gemma Wilkie

Aislín McGuckin (9 pictures)
Callie Taylor

Aisling Bea (162 pictures)
Amelia Warner

Akbar Kurtha (1 picture)
Mak Dabb

Alan David (3 pictures)
Jimmy Hornby

Alan Williams (1 picture)
Ralph Lawrence

Alastair Galbraith (1 picture)
Peter Hurley

Albert Moses (1 picture)
Kasim Hussein

Albert Welling (1 picture)
Dr. Klaus Hafner

Alessandro De Marco (3 pictures)
Lennie Mason

Alex Ferns (4 pictures)

Alex Kelly (1 picture)
Katrina Weller

Alex Lawther (19 pictures)
Fred Bamber

Alex Macqueen (16 pictures)
Keith Greene

Alex Roe (47 pictures)
Connor Lane

Alexa Davies (51 pictures)
Kayleigh Ormerod

Alexei Sayle (9 pictures)
Bernie Reddy

Alfred Burke (1 picture)
Derek Groombridge

Ali Bastian (85 pictures)
Chevonne Lumionne

Alice Arnold (6 pictures)

Alice Coulthard (7 pictures)
Rebecca Sharpe

Alison King (85 pictures)
Becky Roper

Alison Newman (6 pictures)
Angela Doyle

Alistair Petrie (9 pictures)
Colonel John Appleton

Amanda Barrie (70 pictures)
Annabella Casey

Amanda Mealing (43 pictures)
Connie Beauchamp

Amanda Root (3 pictures)
Abbie Sawyer

Amanda Walker (4 pictures)
Hilda Sutton

Amelda Brown (1 picture)
Monica Horton

Amelia Curtis (4 pictures)
Alex Castle

Aml Ameen (3 pictures)
Bradley Connor

Amy Lennox (21 pictures)
Chloe Godard

Amy Morgan (15 pictures)
Jools McMillan

Amy Robbins (1 picture)

Amy Shiels (10 pictures)
Olivia Cullen

Anamaria Marinca (8 pictures)

Andi Osho (1 picture)
Barbara Alcock

Andrew Brooke (18 pictures)
Stuart 'Spiv' Holloway

Andrew Havill (12 pictures)
Shaun Brennan

Andrew Hawley (2 pictures)
Charlie Foster

Andrew Lincoln (2,002 pictures)
Boyfriend to Hep C Patient

Andrew McCulloch (4 pictures)
Doug McGrath

Andrew Pleavin (3 pictures)
John Hughes

Andrew Sachs (39 pictures)
Joseph Wolpert

Andrew Scarborough (3 pictures)
Marcus Dunn

Andrew Schofield (4 pictures)
Ron Turner

Andy Gathergood (1 picture)
Peter Salter

Aneirin Hughes (4 pictures)
Sir Fraser Anderson

Angel Coulby (151 pictures)
Maxine Framley

Angela Douglas (29 pictures)
Sally Stone

Angela Griffin (37 pictures)
Jasmine Hopkins

Angela Lonsdale (44 pictures)
'Scary' Sue Buchanan

Angela Wynter (2 pictures)
Ina Effanga

Angus Barnett (3 pictures)
Ian Franklin

Ania Marson (2 pictures)
Cathy Thompson

Anita Dobson (75 pictures)
Betty Stern

Anjli Mohindra (2 pictures)
Mindy Kapoor

Ann Bell (19 pictures)
Sarah Eldritch

Ann Ogbomo (1 picture)
Jill Webster

Anna Bolt (2 pictures)
Claire Wright

Anna Carteret (2 pictures)
Carol Lloyd

Anna-Louise Plowman (26 pictures)
Annalese Carson

Anna Mountford (16 pictures)
Keri McGrath

Annabel Scholey (3 pictures)
Naomi Verity

Annabelle Apsion (17 pictures)
Jean Rimini

Anne Charleston (9 pictures)
Sandy Eaton

Anne-Marie Duff (66 pictures)
Alison McCarthy

Anne Orwin (2 pictures)
Stella Chadwick

Annette Badland (14 pictures)

Anthony Booth (16 pictures)
Dennis Trevelyan

Anthony Calf (2 pictures)
Michael Beauchamp

Anthony Cozens (2 pictures)
Eric Park

Anthony Daniels (47 pictures)
Colonel Donald Humphries

Anthony Flanagan (7 pictures)
Chris Scott

Anthony Welsh (9 pictures)
Tim Dunning

Anton Lesser (6 pictures)
Sol Caplin

Anton Saunders (12 pictures)
George Lane

Antonia Bernath (34 pictures)
Nikki Brown

Antonia Clarke (1 picture)

Antonio Fargas (18 pictures)
Victor Garrison

Antony Costa (84 pictures)
Matthew Pendleton

Archie Panjabi (163 pictures)
Ali Saffron

Ariyon Bakare (19 pictures)
Steve Devern

Art Malik (34 pictures)
Zubin Khan

Arthur White (3 pictures)
Sidney Bickton

Asan N'Jie (1 picture)
Calvin Jackson

Ashley Allen (26 pictures)
Craig Marshall

Ashley Artus (1 picture)
Shaun Dickson

Ashley Walters (50 pictures)
Roy Woodley

Ayesha Antoine (1 picture)
Rachel Baptiste

Ayesha Dharker (2 pictures)
Nina Karnik

Barbara Drennan (10 pictures)
Patti Barron

Barbara Ewing (34 pictures)
Sylvia McEwan

Barbara Wilshere (5 pictures)
Julia Thomas

Barbara Young (1 picture)
Bridie Passmore

Barry Sloane (2 pictures)
Kieran Callaghan

Belinda Stewart-Wilson (34 pictures)
Jo Wheeler

Ben Hull (1 picture)
Mr. Thompson

Ben Miles (12 pictures)
Ed Somers

Ben Moor (9 pictures)
Gideon Spinks

Ben Onwukwe (1 picture)
Clyde Johnson

Ben Peel (4 pictures)
Tom O'Riordan

Ben Peyton (1 picture)
Andrew Cusan

Ben Probert (3 pictures)

Ben Richards (6 pictures)
Justin Fuller

Ben Smith (1 picture)
Max Somers

Ben Tibber (12 pictures)

Beverly Hills (1 picture)
Joy Lester

Bhasker Patel (1 picture)
Anil Sharma

Bill Thomas (1 picture)
Floyd McCalman

Bob Barrett (2 pictures)
Sacha Levy

Bobby Barry (8 pictures)
Patrick Thompson

Bradley Freegard (1 picture)
Bryn Peters

Brana Bajic (4 pictures)
Liliana Novak

Brenda Cowling (6 pictures)
Margaret Archer

Brendan Hughes (1 picture)
Greg Forbes

Brenock O'Connor (3 pictures)
Angus Peters

Brett Allen (1 picture)
Scott Slogan

Brian McCardie (11 pictures)
Archie Pugh

Brian Murphy (20 pictures)
Buster Kitchener

Brian Pettifer (1 picture)
Laurie Stocks

Briana Shann (1 picture)
Mia Barron

Brigit Forsyth (3 pictures)
Valerie Sturgeon

Bronagh Gallagher (27 pictures)
Gilly Conran

Bronagh Waugh (72 pictures)
Lauren Ginevar

Brooke Kinsella (13 pictures)
Emma Kerrigan

Bryan Murray (6 pictures)
Mr. James Roberts

Bryony Corrigan (9 pictures)
Josie Simmons

Camilla Arfwedson (16 pictures)
Zosia March

Carley Stenson (16 pictures)
Lucy Parker

Carol MacReady (1 picture)
Esther Levy

Carolin Stoltz (8 pictures)
Helga Nilsson

Caroline Blakiston (23 pictures)
Kathleen Pennington

Caroline Carver (23 pictures)
Julie Kale

Caroline Chikezie (19 pictures)
Jamila James

Caroline Lee-Johnson (1 picture)
Patsy Brassvine

Carolyn Jones (3 pictures)

Carolyn Pickles (17 pictures)
Barbara Cousins

Catherine Bailey (4 pictures)
DS Karen Roberts

Catherine Russell (4 pictures)
Serena Campbell

Catherine Steadman (37 pictures)
Anna Richards

Catherine Tyldesley (161 pictures)
Jody Stevens

Catherine Walker (1 picture)
Jodie Maxwell

Cathy Tyson (1 picture)
Susan Green

Cécile Paoli (23 pictures)
Cecile Linois

Charles Kay (4 pictures)
Des Mitchum

Charles Lawson (32 pictures)
Brian Taylor

Charles Venn (5 pictures)
Barry Tucker

Charlie Condou (1 picture)
Ben Sherwood

Charlotte Asprey (22 pictures)
Keira Balfour

Charlotte Hope (67 pictures)
Elinor Campbell

Charlotte Riley (194 pictures)
Tanya Cusan

Cherie Lunghi (37 pictures)
Kathy David

Cherylee Houston (14 pictures)
Jemma Fairbank

Chike Chan (4 pictures)
Ken Lee

Chiké Okonkwo (4 pictures)
Ian Clarke

Chipo Chung (22 pictures)
Dr. Nicola Wood

Chizzy Akudolu (6 pictures)
Mo Effanga

Chloë Annett (16 pictures)
Pat Lang

Chook Sibtain (4 pictures)
Eddie McGuire

Chris Bisson (27 pictures)
Mark Watkins

Chris Coghill (1 picture)
Ash Hillier

Chris Cowlin (6 pictures)
Theatre Runner

Chris Geere (23 pictures)
Patrick Wright

Chris Jury (4 pictures)
Richard Cuthbert

Chris Larkin (7 pictures)
Leonard Dawking

Chris Rogers (1 picture)
Billy Rice

Chrissie Cotterill (10 pictures)
Linda Houlihan

Christien Anholt (17 pictures)
Evan Smith

Christina Ulfparre (4 pictures)
Astrid Taylor

Christine Bottomley (33 pictures)
Danni Simmons

Christopher Colquhoun (1 picture)
Simon Kaminski

Christopher Timothy (16 pictures)
Chris Collins

Claire Cox (9 pictures)
Dee Parr

Claire Goose (61 pictures)
Tina Seabrook

Claire Hackett (1 picture)
Isabella McGuire

Claire Keelan (2 pictures)
Rose Marsden

Claire King (7 pictures)
Janice Perry

Claire Nielson (3 pictures)
Pauline Bewley

Claire Sweeney (80 pictures)
Lindsey Kendal

Clare Buckfield (5 pictures)
Allie Francis

Clare Calbraith (7 pictures)
Clare Given

Clare Higgins (34 pictures)
Susannah Harris

Clare Thomas (8 pictures)
Bella MacDonald

Clarke Peters (18 pictures)
Derek Newman

Claudia Coulter (11 pictures)
Paula Leontas

Claudia Harrison (1 picture)
Charlotte Foster

Clive Russell (8 pictures)
Frank Malloy

Colette Brown (6 pictures)
Samantha 'Sam' Kennedy

Colin McFarlane (5 pictures)
Felix Kente

Colin Tarrant (30 pictures)
James Burgess

Connie Hyde (7 pictures)
Dee Nicholls

Connor Byrne (4 pictures)
Callum Daniels

Coralie Rose (1 picture)
Sophie Irani

Corey Burke (1 picture)
Daniel Keel

Cornell John (1 picture)
Harry Sutherland

Craig Charles (36 pictures)
Adrian Summers

Craig Parkinson (24 pictures)
Gaz Simpson

Cristian Solimeno (15 pictures)
Danny 'Stoner' Stone

Cyril Nri (9 pictures)
Ben Sinclair

Daisy Beaumont (34 pictures)
Rebecca Turner

Daisy Head (16 pictures)
Miri Gellert

Daisy Wood-Davis (50 pictures)
Phoebe Palmer

Damian O'Hare (6 pictures)
Dean Clarke

Dan Fredenburgh (11 pictures)
Daniel Hubbard

Daniel Adegboyega (2 pictures)
Michael Woodward

Daniel Betts (13 pictures)
Luke Drury

Daniel Brocklebank (25 pictures)
Craig Donovan

Daniel Eghan (1 picture)

Daniel Evans (1 picture)
Hallam Black

Daniel Fraser (3 pictures)
Tom Matherson

Daniel Tuite (1 picture)
Brian Wellers

Danielle Bird (1 picture)
Grace Wilde

Danielle Tabor (9 pictures)
Joanne Sinclair

Danny Cunningham (1 picture)
Ellis Morgan

Danny Midwinter (2 pictures)
Paul Heller

Danny Sapani (25 pictures)
Craig Sefton

Danny Webb (8 pictures)
Kenny Dalton

Daphne Cheung (1 picture)
Lin Summers

Darren Darnborough (3 pictures)
John Smith

Darren Day (20 pictures)
Michael Evans

Darren Morfitt (3 pictures)
Jerry Farnell

Darwin Shaw (16 pictures)
Mohammed Sheik

David Annen (2 pictures)
Neil Pemberton

David Bradley (2 pictures)
Richie Hicks

David Broughton-Davies (6 pictures)
Dai Bevan

David Burke (12 pictures)
Bernie Moore

David Collings (7 pictures)
Linden Hislop

David de Keyser (9 pictures)
Jack Domenchenski

David Gant (2 pictures)
Arthur Timms

David Gyasi (47 pictures)
Moses Abebe

David Horovitch (15 pictures)
Rabbi Stein

David Kennedy (4 pictures)
Peter Holland

David Maybrick (3 pictures)
Julian Webster

David McAlister (1 picture)
Des Flannery

David Nellist (1 picture)
Jacob Adie

David Quilter (1 picture)
Jeremy Hines

David Ross (4 pictures)
Stu Williams

David Ryall (1 picture)
Alfred Stewart

David Schofield (22 pictures)
DI Harry Chambers

David Soul (71 pictures)
Alan Fletcher

David Swift (20 pictures)
Bill Hoskins

David Troughton (2 pictures)
Ritchie Mooney

Dawn Steele (60 pictures)
Ange Godard

Dearbhla Molloy (1 picture)
Jennifer Hannay

Debbie Arnold (23 pictures)
Cara Mills

Debbie Chazen (2 pictures)
Fleur Fanshawe

Deborah Findlay (8 pictures)
Philippa Pawlowski

Deborah Grant (8 pictures)
Lindsey Morton

Debra Baker (5 pictures)
Alison Gardner

Debra Stephenson (7 pictures)
Harriet Jacobson

Denis Lawson (25 pictures)
Tom Campbell-Gore

Denise Gough (35 pictures)
Mona Cadogan

Denise Welch (18 pictures)
Pam McGrath

Deobia Oparei (21 pictures)
Dave Whellan

Derek Griffiths (9 pictures)
Greg Martin

Dermot Crowley (7 pictures)
David Gould

Des McAleer (1 picture)
Patrick Murphy

Desmond Barrit (1 picture)
'Aubrey' Alan Bacon

Diana Hardcastle (9 pictures)
Faith Pearson

Diana Hayden (17 pictures)
Nat Hussein

Diana Kent (12 pictures)
Blanche Valentine

Diane Parish (8 pictures)
Lucy Faulds

Dilys Laye (21 pictures)
Eloise Sanderson

Dimitri Leonidas (2 pictures)
Jez Patterson

Dominic Carter (2 pictures)
Archie Burns

Dominic Mafham (1 picture)
Larry Phillips

Dominic Rowan (3 pictures)
Adrian Lambert

Dominique Jackson (13 pictures)
Chelsey Corman

Don Warrington (25 pictures)
Ethan Hope

Doña Croll (1 picture)

Donald Pickering (21 pictures)
Sir Joshua Wren

Donald Sumpter (22 pictures)
Jay Miller

Donnaleigh Bailey (5 pictures)
Debbie Allen

Dora Bryan (23 pictures)
Betty Wheeler

Doreen Keogh (1 picture)
Edie Veale

Doreen Mantle (18 pictures)
Simone Mannstein

Dorothy Atkinson (17 pictures)
Trudi Halliday

Dorothy Duffy (3 pictures)
Millie Strachan

Dudley Sutton (48 pictures)
Bernard Upton

Dylan Llewellyn (6 pictures)
Seb Channing

Ed Browning (3 pictures)
Morgan Delaney

Ed Pearce (3 pictures)
Mr. Joliffe

Edward Bluemel (8 pictures)
Dexter Arnold

Edward Hardwicke (10 pictures)
Roy Manders

Eileen Essell (7 pictures)
Anne Ludlow

Eleanor Fanyinka (11 pictures)
Morven Digby

Eleanor Matsuura (31 pictures)
Suzie Ford

Eleanor Wyld (10 pictures)
Sara Swift Danica

Elena Valdameri (2 pictures)
Wyvern Visitor

Elisabeth Dermot Walsh (11 pictures)
Elizabeth Farrington

Elizabeth Adamczyk (12 pictures)
ICU Nurse

Elizabeth Bennett (2 pictures)
Beattie Hislop

Elizabeth Carling (1 picture)
Selena Donovan

Elizabeth Earl (9 pictures)
Leigh Scott

Ella Smith (22 pictures)
Vanessa Robinson

Ellie Darcey-Alden (7 pictures)
Emma Walker

Elliot Levey (2 pictures)
Pete Golding

Elly Fairman (7 pictures)
Chantelle Tucker

Emer Gillespie (3 pictures)
Veronica Peterson

Emil Marwa (9 pictures)
Sergeant Haynes

Emily Bruni (12 pictures)
Philippa Calcutt

Emily Joyce (3 pictures)
Kate Cahill

Emma Amos (4 pictures)
Julia Calder

Emma Campbell-Jones (1 picture)
Gail Quereshi

Emma Cleasby (23 pictures)
Tricia Moore

Emma Cunniffe (1 picture)
Elaine Owen

Emma Davies (6 pictures)
Andrea Lawley

Emma Rydal (2 pictures)
Penny Rook

Emma Samms (101 pictures)
Elizabeth Woods

Emma Stansfield (11 pictures)
Kim Betchley

Enoch Frost (1 picture)

Eric Loren (7 pictures)
Troy Bury

Eric Richard (6 pictures)
Mike Fairbrother

Eric Sykes (48 pictures)
Roger Ludlow

Esin Harvey (8 pictures)
Meryem Zana

Eva Birthistle (8 pictures)

Eva Fontaine (2 pictures)
Simone Milton

Eva Pope (9 pictures)
Laura Edison

Eve Macklin (9 pictures)
Sheena Weston

Eve Matheson (3 pictures)
Cara Walker

Faith Edwards (1 picture)
Mila Mehta

Faith Elizabeth (1 picture)
Student Nurse

Felix Scott (11 pictures)
John Coley

Finn Atkins (2 pictures)
Pheona Allen

Fiona Gillies (12 pictures)
Louise Clifford

Fiona Glascott (3 pictures)
Tara Doyle

Fiona Skinner (7 pictures)
Sergeant Ciara Hobbes

Fiona Wade (21 pictures)
Julianna McKenzie

Frances Barber (14 pictures)
Eva Thomas

Frances Tomelty (134 pictures)
Patty Turner

Francesca Hunt (1 picture)
Jenny Paul

Francis Magee (15 pictures)
Barry Carter

Frank Ellis (3 pictures)
Ted Riley

Frank Mills (1 picture)
Frank Williams

Frank Thornton (25 pictures)
Douglas Archer

Fraser Ayres (3 pictures)
Alan Locke

Fraser James (5 pictures)
David Hopkins

Fred Stewart (3 pictures)
River Kidd

Gareth David-Lloyd (48 pictures)
Rhys Hopkins

Gareth Thomas (1 picture)
Gareth Harper

Garfield Morgan (1 picture)
Frank Warner

Garry Cooper (1 picture)
George Keating

Gary Beadle (6 pictures)
Lennox 'Lennie' Jefferies

Gary Carr (24 pictures)
Devon Frost

Gary Oliver (5 pictures)
Kevin Channing

Gawn Grainger (9 pictures)
Adrian Walters

Gay Hamilton (1 picture)
Lizzy Holden

Gemma Oaten (49 pictures)
Sydney Somers

Geoffrey Beevers (3 pictures)
Peter Dunning

George Costigan (1 picture)
James Campbell

George Irving (1 picture)
Anton Meyer

George Layton (3 pictures)
Howard Martin

Georgia Henshaw (11 pictures)
Siobhan Quinn

Georgia Tennant (76 pictures)
Briony Whitman

Georgie Glen (12 pictures)
Anne Owen

Georgina Campbell (29 pictures)
Gabby Greendale

Georgina Hale (10 pictures)
Serephina Moore

Georgina Leonidas (22 pictures)
Ali Jarvis

Georgina Rich (4 pictures)
Lisa Eldridge

Gerry O'Brien (2 pictures)
Mark Dupont

Gethin Anthony (14 pictures)
Drew Kramer

Gilbert Martin (1 picture)
Greg Sawyer

Gillian Bevan (28 pictures)
Gina Hope

Gillian Wright (6 pictures)
Candice Holloway

Glen Barry (4 pictures)
Jimmy Heron

Glenn Webster (27 pictures)
AAU Patient

Glynis Brooks (2 pictures)
Julia Phillips

Golda Rosheuvel (1 picture)
Barbara Dargu

Graeme Garden (1 picture)
Mr. Loftwood

Gregg Chillin (12 pictures)
Satnam Patel

Gugu Mbatha-Raw (445 pictures)
Colette Hill

Guy Henry (1 picture)
Henrik Hanssen

Guy Williams (2 pictures)
Nigel Letterman

Gwen Taylor (10 pictures)
Dotty Chamberlain

Hadley Fraser (4 pictures)
Sebastian Coulter

Hamish Clark (9 pictures)
Ken Davies

Hamza Jeetooa (9 pictures)
Raz Hussain

Hannah Daniel (16 pictures)
Leah Faulkner

Hannah Waterman (17 pictures)
Pauline McDonald

Hari Dhillon (1 picture)
Michael Spence

Harry Ferrier (10 pictures)
Donal Richardson

Harry Lloyd (25 pictures)
Damon Hughes

Hayley Angela Gilbert (10 pictures)

Heather Peace (61 pictures)
Alex Dawson

Helen Anderson (3 pictures)
Carol Jameson

Helen Flanagan (324 pictures)
Kirsty Brompton

Helen Grace (36 pictures)
Lucy Carrigan

Helen Millar (11 pictures)
Emily Horton

Helen Ryan (1 picture)
Dorothy Simms

Hermione Gulliford (14 pictures)
Roxanna MacMillan

Heshima Thompson (3 pictures)
Tyler Lindford

Holli Dempsey (9 pictures)
Alison Newton

Holly Davidson (4 pictures)
Ali Harding

Hugh Mitchell (10 pictures)
Teddy Framton

Hugh Quarshie (30 pictures)
Ric Griffin

Ian Bonar (11 pictures)
Rhys Gallagher

Ian Burfield (6 pictures)
Derek Timmins

Ian Gelder (2 pictures)
Paul Galvin

Ian Lavender (7 pictures)
Norman Lodge

Ian McElhinney (9 pictures)
Brian Chapman

Ian Mercer (9 pictures)
Ken O'Dowd

Ian Peck (1 picture)
Jeff Timmons

Ian Puleston-Davies (7 pictures)
Sam Dennish

Ian Virgo (6 pictures)
Ben Kazinsky

Iddo Goldberg (16 pictures)
Simon Martin

Ilan Goodman (15 pictures)
Quentin 'Spike' Millington-Farquharson

Imogen Stubbs (41 pictures)
Evelyn Chapman

Indra Ové (1 picture)
Frankie Weston

Irene Sutcliffe (3 pictures)

Isabel Brook (3 pictures)
Hannah Cowley

Isla Blair (17 pictures)
Mary Harrow

Isy Suttie (31 pictures)
Nancy Colcano

Ivan Kaye (26 pictures)
Jimmy Furnival

Jack Derges (22 pictures)
Mark Christiansen

Jack Ellis (1 picture)
Richard Smedley

Jack O'Connell (202 pictures)
Davey Hunt

Jack Parry Jones (4 pictures)
James Henricks

Jack Ryder (6 pictures)
Evan Crowhurst

Jack Sandle (1 picture)
Sam Wells

Jack Shalloo (1 picture)
Zac Thomas

Jacqueline King (10 pictures)
Olive Fincher

Jacqueline Leonard (9 pictures)
Jackie Eddon

James Anthony Pearson (1 picture)
Adrian Lucas

James Floyd (4 pictures)
Anil Chohan

James Greene (7 pictures)
Bert Hutchings

James Hillier (6 pictures)
Derek Humphries

James Sutton (20 pictures)
Floyd Shepherd

James Thornton (19 pictures)
James Wilson

Jamie Davis (9 pictures)
Max Walker

Jamie Sives (2 pictures)
Ellie's Ex

Jan Anderson (81 pictures)
Chloe Hill

Jan Harvey (3 pictures)
Candida Fitzgerald

Jan Pearson (15 pictures)
Kath Shaughnessy

Jane Asher (924 pictures)
Lady Byrne

Janie Booth (1 picture)
Brenda O'Donnell

Jason Durr (32 pictures)
David Hide

Jason Maza (30 pictures)
Kris Burrows

Jason Taylor (28 pictures)
Simon Reed

Jay Brown (10 pictures)
Shaun Dixon

Jay Simpson (3 pictures)
Duncan Matthews

Jay Taylor (1 picture)
Gareth Mason

Jaye Griffiths (9 pictures)
Elle Gardner

Jaye Jacobs (7 pictures)
Donna Jackson

Jayne Ashbourne (1 picture)
Maria Locke

Jean Boht (1 picture)
Anita Reynolds

Jean Marsh (37 pictures)
Vera Engells

Jeany Spark (6 pictures)
Lauren Wilson

Jefferson Hall (14 pictures)
Sam Phillips

Jem Kai Olsen (1 picture)
Hospital Security

Jemma Redgrave (19 pictures)
Bernie Wolfe

Jenna Russell (31 pictures)
Grace Collins

Jennifer Hennessy (2 pictures)
Moira Roberts

Jennifer Kirby (10 pictures)
Scarlet O'Brien

Jenny Eclair (1 picture)
Jacqui Draper

Jenny Galloway (5 pictures)
Annie Dawson

Jenny Jules (7 pictures)
Coral Garrett

Jeremy Callaghan (21 pictures)
Peter Hodges

Jeremy Edwards (5 pictures)
Danny Shaughnessy

Jeremy Sheffield (9 pictures)
Alex Adams

Jeremy Swift (7 pictures)
Jim Fortune

Jesse Birdsall (2 pictures)
Steven Fletcher

Jessica Gunning (1 picture)
Gwen Bishop

Jessica Madsen (31 pictures)
Minty Colquhoun

Jim Alexander (4 pictures)
Jamie Donaghy

Jim Norton (27 pictures)
Louis Thomas

Jimmy Akingbola (1 picture)
Antoine Malick

Jimmy Chisholm (2 pictures)
Richie Miles

Jing Lusi (21 pictures)
Tara Lo

Jo-Anne Knowles (13 pictures)
Geraldine Flowers

Joanna Bobin (1 picture)
Chloe Campbell

Joanna Christie (1 picture)
Victoria Walsh

Joanna David (17 pictures)
Helen Handley

Joanna Hole (3 pictures)
Brenda Flynn

Joanna Horton (5 pictures)
Marielle Leonard

Joanna Jeffrees (9 pictures)
Private Secretary

Joanna Roth (7 pictures)
Marion Wooding

Jodie Comer (371 pictures)
Ellie Jenkins

Jody Latham (22 pictures)
Alan Bridger

Joe Cole (18 pictures)
Shaun Jackson

Joe Flynn (7 pictures)
Karl Massingham

Joe Gaminara (2 pictures)
Dylan Clark

Joe McFadden (61 pictures)
Raffaello Di Lucca

Joe Mills (14 pictures)
William Lomax

Johanna Stanton (4 pictures)
Nurse Anna

John Barrowman (240 pictures)
Andrew Nicholson-Heath

John Benfield (15 pictures)
Kevin McAlley

John Bennett (1 picture)
Bruce Holden

John Junkin (18 pictures)
Mike Newton

John Kavanagh (5 pictures)
Father Thomas Logan

John Light (19 pictures)
Max Schneider

John Marquez (20 pictures)
Billy Finch

John Rowe (1 picture)
Thomas Bell Humphries

John Savident (6 pictures)
Rupert Pool

John Stahl (1 picture)
Jasper Glenn

John Woodvine (29 pictures)
Al Bowling

Johnny Briggs (1 picture)
Tom Gibson

Johnny Harris (5 pictures)
Sammy Briscoe

Jonathan Firth (16 pictures)
Miles Richardson

Jonathan Forbes (1 picture)
Todd Parish

Jonathan Howard (17 pictures)
Declan Ashe

Jonathan Kerrigan (15 pictures)
Sam Colloby

Jonathan Moore (1 picture)
Norm Templeman

Jonathan Newth (10 pictures)
Edward Allerton

Jonny Phillips (2 pictures)
Ghost of Christmas Past, Present & Future

Josef Altin (14 pictures)
Alex Jules

Joseph Beattie (26 pictures)
Robert Pullman

Joseph Long (4 pictures)
Leo Munro

Joseph Marcell (4 pictures)
Professor Karl Webster

Joseph May (8 pictures)
George Kerwan

Joseph Millson (17 pictures)
Luc Hemingway

Josephine Butler (4 pictures)
Tessa Kilgore

Josephine Tewson (17 pictures)
Mabel Phillips

Josh Bowman (96 pictures)
Scott James

Josie D'Arby (10 pictures)
Alisha Adams

Josie Lawrence (47 pictures)
Avril Coulter

Judy Loe (20 pictures)
Jan Goddard

Julia Foster (22 pictures)
Bev Kelly

Julia Worsley (1 picture)

Julian Firth (1 picture)
Clyde Bagley

Julian Glover (27 pictures)
Joe Goodridge

Julian Lewis Jones (1 picture)
Stuart Miller

Julie Dawn Cole (22 pictures)
Pam Feeny

June Watson (3 pictures)
Margie Bennett

Justin McDonald (8 pictures)
Matthew Samuels

Karen Bryson (23 pictures)
Helen Logan

Karen David (36 pictures)
Eve Hotton

Karen Ford (5 pictures)
Mrs. Fallon

Karen Winchester (1 picture)
Miss Smith

Karina Fernandez (1 picture)
Casey McGee

Karl Collins (9 pictures)
Ken Thompson

Karl Howman (1 picture)
Ian Brooks

Kate Anthony (6 pictures)
Jill Prince

Kate Fleetwood (13 pictures)

Kate Robbins (8 pictures)
Leslie Harris

Kate Rutter (2 pictures)
Carmen Skinner

Kate Sissons (4 pictures)
Alice Parker

Kate Williams (7 pictures)
Catherine Salter

Katherine Monaghan (7 pictures)
Lola Massey

Kathryn Drysdale (19 pictures)
Gaby Burton

Kathryn Pogson (1 picture)
Madeleine Gentry

Katie Scarfe (4 pictures)
Emily Coulson

Katy Cavanagh-Jupe (20 pictures)
Lucy Harper

Katy Odey (1 picture)
Megan Sykes

Kay Purcell (3 pictures)
Heather Nixon

Kaye Wragg (20 pictures)
Essie Harrison

Kayvan Novak (1 picture)
Reza Abbasi

Keir Charles (1 picture)
Declan Callaghan

Keith Barron (14 pictures)
Hugh Musgrove

Keith-Lee Castle (29 pictures)

Kellie Bright (13 pictures)
Joy Miller

Kelly Adams (60 pictures)
Mickie Hendrie

Kelly Hunter (1 picture)
Nina Partington

Kelly Wenham (10 pictures)
Hayley Edwards

Ken Bones (7 pictures)
William Chase

Kenneth Colley (20 pictures)
Don Lawson

Kenneth Farrington (1 picture)
Pete Singer

Kenneth Griffith (3 pictures)
Charlie Peters

Kerrie Hayes (7 pictures)
Belinda Swift

Kerrie Taylor (1 picture)
Linda Donnelly

Kerry Godliman (35 pictures)
Karen Donnelly

Kerry Shale (16 pictures)
Dr. Costello

Kevin Ashley (1 picture)
Martin Coe

Kevin Doyle (23 pictures)
Simon Harwood

Kieran O'Brien (5 pictures)
Neil Stevenson

Kika Markham (16 pictures)
Carolyn Northcotte

Kiki Kendrick (9 pictures)
Kerry Duggan

Kim Thomson (11 pictures)
Catherine O'Malley

Kiran Sonia Sawar (11 pictures)
Hafsa Ali

Kirby Howell-Baptiste (7 pictures)
Sick Patient

Kirsty Besterman (6 pictures)
Claire Hatbridge

Kirsty Bushell (1 picture)
Jane Wintergreen

Kirsty Dillon (17 pictures)
Angela Moorcroft

Kirsty Mitchell (23 pictures)
Anita Forbes

Kirsty Oswald (6 pictures)
Stacey Nolan

Kiruna Stamell (20 pictures)
Leonie Somers

Klariza Clayton (33 pictures)
Stevie Montague

Kobna Holdbrook-Smith (17 pictures)
Paul James

Kornelia Horvath (1 picture)
Visitor in the Hospital

Kulvinder Ghir (2 pictures)
Anil Bannerjee

Kumud Pant (3 pictures)
Cafe Customer

Kya Garwood (5 pictures)
Rachel's Mum

Kym Marsh (502 pictures)
Myrna Morrison

Laila Rouass (170 pictures)
Sahira Shah

Larissa Wilson (21 pictures)
Rebecca Webster

Larrington Walker (1 picture)
Ambrose Wylie

Lasco Atkins (6 pictures)

Laura Main (4 pictures)
Deidre Hunter

Laura Pyper (18 pictures)
Alison Kerman

Laura Sadler (6 pictures)
Sandy Harper

Lauren Crace (13 pictures)
Rose MacNamara

Lauren Drummond (3 pictures)
Chantelle Lane

Lauren Lyle (3 pictures)
Katherine Rice

Lee Mead (28 pictures)
Ben 'Lofty' Chiltern

Lee Nicholas Harris (22 pictures)
Dad collecting Daughter

Les Dennis (6 pictures)
Chris Jaques

Lesley Clare O'Neill (1 picture)
Sandra Lane

Lesley Nicol (34 pictures)
Eileen McMahon

Lesley Vickerage (3 pictures)
Julie Matherson

Leslie Ash (17 pictures)
Vanessa Lytton

Leslie Phillips (12 pictures)
Charles Campbell-Gore

Leslie Schofield (1 picture)
Eric Ford

Letitia Wright (166 pictures)
Ellie Maynard

Lex Shrapnel (1 picture)
Stephen Hopewell

Liam Garrigan (1 picture)
Nic Yorke

Linda Marlowe (12 pictures)
Kitty Montpellier

Lionel Jeffries (23 pictures)

Lisa Faulkner (108 pictures)
Victoria Merrick

Lisa George (1 picture)
Dawn Brady

Lisa Hogg (1 picture)
Alison Coleman

Lisa Riley (24 pictures)
Lyn Forbes

Liz Crowther (1 picture)
Iona Morrow

Liz Fraser (44 pictures)
Tabitha Blackstock

Liz May Brice (4 pictures)
Michelle Kash

Lizzy McInnerny (7 pictures)
Anna King

Llewella Gideon (1 picture)
Jane Kent

Lois Chimimba (1 picture)
Beth Forbes

Lois Winstone (19 pictures)
Chantelle Mills

Lolita Chakrabarti (13 pictures)
Devika Bhal

Lorraine Bruce (2 pictures)
Sara Robinson

Lorraine Chase (24 pictures)
Cherie Grimes

Lorraine Stanley (9 pictures)
Casey Williams

Louis Emerick (1 picture)
Keith Ryan

Louisa Clein (15 pictures)
Kim Whitfield

Louisa Connolly-Burnham (82 pictures)
Rosie Greene

Louise Delamere (23 pictures)
Colette Sheward

Louise Jameson (97 pictures)
Mary Thorne

Lourdes Faberes (4 pictures)
Hansa Nichols

Lucian Msamati (1 picture)
Dumisani Themba

Lucinda Dryzek (16 pictures)
Jasmine Burrows

Lucy Akhurst (1 picture)
Liz Jameson

Lucy Benjamin (11 pictures)
Lois Earnshaw

Lucy Davis (353 pictures)
Kelly Bridges

Lucy Evans (15 pictures)
Emma Winchester

Lucy Gaskell (5 pictures)
Joanne Townsend

Lucy Joyce (43 pictures)
Emma Farrel

Lucy Robinson (16 pictures)
Sally Downing

Lucy Speed (7 pictures)
Mandy Fairlock

Luisa Bradshaw-White (33 pictures)
Lisa Fox

Luke Bailey (1 picture)
Sam Bateman

Luke Mably (50 pictures)
Paul Ripley

Luke Roberts (13 pictures)
Joseph Byrne

Luke Tittensor (26 pictures)
Liam McKee

Lynda Baron (3 pictures)
Alice Fry

Lynda Bellingham (28 pictures)
Caitlin Lucas

Lynne Miller (2 pictures)
Pauline Armstrong

Lysette Anthony (88 pictures)
Shelley Pinches

Madeleine Potter (7 pictures)
Sharon Kozinsky

Madeleine Rakic-Platt (6 pictures)
Nina Sanders

Madeleine Worrall (10 pictures)
Gretchen Casey

Madhur Jaffrey (3 pictures)
Nisha Kapur

Maggie Ollerenshaw (1 picture)
Dora Collins

Maggie Steed (1 picture)
Suzie Moran

Malcolm Modele (6 pictures)
Bar tender

Malcolm Tierney (4 pictures)
Wally Sands

Mali Harries (14 pictures)
Karen Edwards

Marc Bannerman (6 pictures)
Alan Colgan

Marc Elliott (7 pictures)
Isaac Mayfield

Marcia Warren (4 pictures)
Betty Richards

Maria Fernandez Ache (5 pictures)
Ramona Gomez

Maria McErlane (11 pictures)
Martine Holbeck

Maria Miles (1 picture)
Roma Portman

Marian Lorencik (4 pictures)
Wyvern Visitor

Marianne Oldham (18 pictures)
Ruth Cooper

Marina Sirtis (132 pictures)
Lucy Simmons

Marion Bailey (14 pictures)
Lesley Bingham

Mark Benton (1 picture)
Gavin Cunningham

Mark Brighton (1 picture)
Gordon Holmes

Mark Cameron (1 picture)
Mike Fuller

Mark Frost (1 picture)
Gary Prendergast

Mark Hadfield (1 picture)
Ben Herrmann

Mark Kempner (2 pictures)
Mr. Wallace

Mark Knightley (1 picture)
Ben Wright

Mark Lewis Jones (1 picture)
Reece King

Mark Noble (1 picture)
John Priestley

Mark Powley (2 pictures)
Dave Lenton

Marlene Sidaway (5 pictures)
Josie O'Grady

Marshall Lancaster (6 pictures)
Ryan Livingstone

Martin Ball (1 picture)
Chris Farsden

Martin Delaney (4 pictures)
Wayne Veech

Martin Hancock (1 picture)
Reg Lund

Martin Herdman (2 pictures)
Gerry Cassidy

Martin Marquez (6 pictures)
Saul Vernon

Martina Laird (10 pictures)
Comfort Newton

Martyn Mayger (2 pictures)

Marvin Humes (88 pictures)
Robbie Waring

Mary Roscoe (1 picture)
Frances O'Connor

Mary Tamm (99 pictures)
Fliss Robson

Mat Fraser (6 pictures)
Gary Davids

Matilda Ziegler (6 pictures)
Andrea Rowlands

Matt Cross (3 pictures)
Billy Frizante

Matthew Chambers (2 pictures)
Cameron Andrews

Matthew Marsh (15 pictures)
Tom Vincent

Matthew McNulty (12 pictures)
Rob Gibson

Maureen Lipman (26 pictures)
Bonnie Walters

Maurice Roëves (4 pictures)
Cecil Heaney

Max Wrottesley (2 pictures)
Ethan Baines

Maxine Peake (50 pictures)
Tanya Wilton

Maxwell Caulfield (65 pictures)
Jim Brodie

McKell Celaschi-David (1 picture)
Lloyd Kramer

Meera Syal (10 pictures)
Tara Sodi

Megan Prescott (17 pictures)
Jade Podfer

Mel Giedroyc (6 pictures)
Lydia Lazenby

Mel Martin (14 pictures)
Anthea Sanders

Melanie Gutteridge (1 picture)
Victoria Blaine

Melanie Hill (12 pictures)
Kathy Hewitt

Melanie Walters (24 pictures)
Melanie Hooper

Meneka Das (2 pictures)
Geena Patel

Michael Cochrane (7 pictures)
John Dunne

Michael Culkin (10 pictures)
Henry Markham

Michael Dixon (3 pictures)
Heston Kerrigan

Michael Fassbender (1,018 pictures)
Christian Connolly

Michael Feast (3 pictures)
Henry Miller

Michael Haydon (1 picture)
Mr. Bell

Michael Jayston (7 pictures)
Sid Harvey

Michael Lumsden (3 pictures)
Gavin Hunt

Michael Medwin (27 pictures)
Will Sanderson

Michael Obiora (3 pictures)
Perry Green

Michael Pennington (3 pictures)
David Powell

Michael Thomas (4 pictures)
Mark Ford

Michael Troughton (1 picture)
Teddy Sedgwick

Michael Wardle (2 pictures)
Don Fitzjohn

Michael Wildman (5 pictures)
Tony Wilkinson

Michele Dotrice (20 pictures)
Shirley Butler

Michelle Fairley (45 pictures)
Heidi Drury

Michelle Gayle (6 pictures)
Crystal Fallon

Michelle Holmes (6 pictures)
Jenny Hall

Mido Hamada (11 pictures)
Donald Bass

Miles Anderson (24 pictures)
Terry Fox

Milo Twomey (3 pictures)
Adam Hilditch

Mina Anwar (10 pictures)
Fay Michaels

Miranda Raison (98 pictures)
Michelle Andrews

Mirella D'Angelo (27 pictures)
Valentina Morino

Miriam Karlin (6 pictures)

Misha Crosby (3 pictures)
Kieron Patel

Morwenna Banks (16 pictures)
Ella Gooch

Murray Head (12 pictures)
Billy Tressler

Nadim Sawalha (17 pictures)
Faruq Ahmed

Nadine Lewington (5 pictures)
Maddy Young

Nancy Carroll (1 picture)
Elaine Gill

Naoko Mori (32 pictures)
Louise Mensall

Naomi Ryan (17 pictures)
Kerri Collins

Nasser Memarzia (1 picture)
Mr. Loshi

Natalia Ryumina (7 pictures)
Izabel Vagar

Natalie Anderson (42 pictures)
Justine Lake

Natalie J. Robb (9 pictures)
Kirsty Winton

Natalie Mendoza (107 pictures)
Sunny Lin

Natalie Press (41 pictures)
Claire Bradley

Natasha Sparkes (1 picture)
Kelly Savage

Nate Fallows (2 pictures)
Toby Swift

Nathalie Armin (1 picture)
Dawn Smyth

Nathalie Cox (18 pictures)
Helen Grainger

Nathan Constance (5 pictures)
Jamie Patterson

Neal Ward (5 pictures)
Barry Owen

Neet Mohan (2 pictures)
Jai Barbosa

Neil Fitzmaurice (7 pictures)
Chris Laferty

Nell Hudson (23 pictures)
Tasha Cairncross

Neve Gachev (14 pictures)

Niall Greig Fulton (2 pictures)
John Kitto

Niamh McGrady (12 pictures)
Mary-Claire Carter

Niamh Walsh (9 pictures)
Cara Martinez

Nicholas Ball (14 pictures)
Barry Copeland

Nicholas Hoult (819 pictures)
Oscar Banks

Nicholas Lumley (1 picture)
Bobby Johnson

Nicholas Rowe (11 pictures)
Nathan Cairns

Nicholas Woodeson (4 pictures)
Artem Chernik

Nick Brimble (12 pictures)
Robert Phillips

Nick Donald (1 picture)
Cancer Patient

Nick Dunning (16 pictures)
Mark Simpson

Nick Holder (1 picture)
Eddie James

Nick Waring (1 picture)
Ross Trevor

Nicola Bryant (68 pictures)
Catherine Sloman

Nicola Duffett (4 pictures)
Delia Hamel

Nicola Stapleton (10 pictures)
Shirley Smith

Nicola Stephenson (7 pictures)
Julie Fitzjohn

Nigel Terry (20 pictures)
Nigel Turrall

Nikki Amuka-Bird (21 pictures)
Josie Wallis

Nikki Sanderson (334 pictures)
Monica Southworth

Niky Wardley (3 pictures)
Julia 'Jools' Mallinson

Nimmy March (1 picture)
Jane Edwards

Nina Conti (12 pictures)
Lindsey Brandon

Nina Marc (1 picture)
Heather Preston

Nina Toussaint-White (6 pictures)
Sophia Verlaine

Nina Wadia (33 pictures)
Annabelle Cooper

Nisha Nayar (4 pictures)
Shazia Aslam

Nitin Ganatra (1 picture)
Sami Sattar

Noah Huntley (14 pictures)
Will Curtis

Noel Clarke (32 pictures)
Shaun O'Connor

Noma Dumezweni (2 pictures)
Hannah Keelan

Nora-Jane Noone (33 pictures)
Daryl O'Connor

Oliver Lansley (1 picture)
Tim Marlowe

Oliver Tobias (25 pictures)
Jim Frost

Olivia Colman (167 pictures)
Kim Prebble

Olivia Hallinan (14 pictures)
Gina Turrall

Olivia Popica (6 pictures)
Roza Barzani

Olivia Vinall (17 pictures)
Lisa Chad

Ophelia Lovibond (94 pictures)
Jade McGuire

Oscar James (1 picture)
Lewis Peterson

Owain Arthur (1 picture)
Hal Nicolson

Paddy Navin (1 picture)
Joan Palmer

Pamela Betsy Cooper (12 pictures)
Mrs. Wilson

Pamela Cundell (1 picture)

Paris Jefferson (9 pictures)
Francesca Maclin

Parminder Nagra (289 pictures)

Patricia Brake (2 pictures)
Heather Clegg

Patricia Potter (8 pictures)
Diane Lloyd

Patrick O'Kane (1 picture)
Charlie Harris

Patrick Ryecart (9 pictures)
Ewan Littlewood

Patsy Byrne (19 pictures)
Esme Taylor

Patsy Kensit (203 pictures)
Faye Morton

Paul Antony-Barber (6 pictures)
Don Logan

Paul Barber (13 pictures)
Sean Meacher

Paul Blackthorne (40 pictures)
Guy Morton

Paul Blackwell (1 picture)

Paul Keating (1 picture)
Glory Bee

Paul McGann (32 pictures)
John Gaskell

Paul Moriarty (1 picture)
Rod Monk

Paul Nicholas (11 pictures)
Rob Logan

Paul Nicholls (25 pictures)
Simon Marshall

Paul O'Grady (2 pictures)
Tim Connor

Paul Putner (3 pictures)

Paul Shane (1 picture)
Stan Ashleigh

Paul Thornley (1 picture)
Daniel 'Daz' Piper

Paula Wilcox (41 pictures)
Helen Johnson

Paulette Williams (5 pictures)
Jo Webber

Pavel Douglas (2 pictures)
Jonathon Owen

Peter Armitage (1 picture)
Bob Butler

Peter Bowles (27 pictures)
Bernie Farraday

Peter Byrne (1 picture)
Douglas Marriner

Peter De Jersey (18 pictures)
Steve Waring

Peter Gunn (2 pictures)
Daman Harris

Peter Jones (1 picture)
Derek Lyndon

Peter Rnic (1 picture)
Mr. Parker

Peter Sallis (25 pictures)
Lionel Davis

Peter Warnock (1 picture)
Carl Barratt

Peter Wight (9 pictures)
Bryan Lake

Peter Wingfield (16 pictures)
Dan Clifford

Petrice Jones (9 pictures)
AJ Shreve

Philip Martin Brown (17 pictures)
Richard Nash

Philip Olivier (2 pictures)
Steve Morrison

Philip Quast (2 pictures)
Clayton Jones

Philip Whitchurch (10 pictures)
Jim Mullins

Phyllis Logan (54 pictures)
Muriel McKendrick

Pippa Bennett-Warner (21 pictures)
Gemma Webber

Pippa Haywood (13 pictures)
Siân Wooldridge

Pippa Hinchley (22 pictures)
DCI Ellen Delaney

Polly Hemingway (7 pictures)
Lizzie Johns

Polly Kemp (5 pictures)
Ellen Spencer

Polly Maberly (13 pictures)
Georgia Staniford

Pooky Quesnel (12 pictures)
Jill Pearce

Poppy Miller (6 pictures)
Grace Jessup

Priyanga Burford (7 pictures)
Denise Sharpe

Rachel Leskovac (16 pictures)
Kelly Yorke

Rachel Pickup (4 pictures)
Kate Lewis

Rachel Shenton (79 pictures)
Katrina Hobsbawn

Rahul Kohli (49 pictures)
Cal Nelson

Raji James (1 picture)
Ash Quereshi

Rakie Ayola (2 pictures)
Kyla Tyson

Ralph Ineson (22 pictures)
Dale Warner

Ralph Riach (1 picture)
Frank Thorpe

Ramin Karimloo (10 pictures)
Kian Madani

Ramon Tikaram (7 pictures)
Gil Waverley

Raquel Cassidy (64 pictures)
Julie Redding

Ray Stevenson (97 pictures)
Laurence Haney

Rebecca Atkinson (6 pictures)
Denise Mullins

Rebecca Benson (11 pictures)
Kitty Johnson

Rebecca Gethings (1 picture)
Rosalind Timms

Rebecca Hobbs (6 pictures)
Sophie Burrell

Rebecca Hodgkiss (39 pictures)

Rebecca Saire (2 pictures)
Jo Baxendale

Rebecca Sarker (12 pictures)
Carla Harris

Rene Costa (1 picture)
Patient in Bed

Rhashan Stone (1 picture)
Craig Campbell

Rhoda Montemayor (18 pictures)
Lalaine Anderson

Ria Holland (12 pictures)
Keller Ward Patient

Riann Steele (15 pictures)
Lauren Minster

Richard Bremmer (3 pictures)

Richard Briers (24 pictures)
George Woodman

Richard Burke (3 pictures)
David Knowles

Richard Dixon (1 picture)
Charles Markham

Richard Harrington (22 pictures)
Lee Walmsley

Richard Hawley (22 pictures)
Don Bosman

Richard Herdman (15 pictures)
AAU Patient

Richard Hope (14 pictures)
Christopher Gamble

Richard Laing (1 picture)
Steve Lake

Richard Lumsden (1 picture)
David Richardson

Richard Pepple (4 pictures)
Kofi Johnstone

Richard Ridings (9 pictures)
Roy Benson

Richard Rycroft (1 picture)
Dennis Johnson

Richard Todd (44 pictures)
Ron Archer

Rick Warden (7 pictures)
Toby Geddes

Ricky Rajpal (15 pictures)
AAU Visitor Ricky

Ricky Whittle (19 pictures)
David Richards

Rita Davies (6 pictures)

Rob Edwards (1 picture)
Eric Mancroft

Rob Jarvis (3 pictures)
Callum Dewhurst

Robbie Gee (19 pictures)
Bob Weaver

Robert Daws (7 pictures)
Will Tudor-Bass

Robert East (1 picture)
Frank Moran

Robert Green (9 pictures)
Andrew Marshall

Robert Powell (43 pictures)
Mark Williams

Robert Swann (1 picture)
Len McCarthy

Roberta Taylor (2 pictures)
Karen Lake

Robin Crouch (2 pictures)
Dean Palmer

Robin Houston (3 pictures)
TV Newsreader

Rod Hallett (1 picture)
Lucas Michaels

Roger Frost (13 pictures)
Danny Jessop

Roland Curram (1 picture)
Ted Carver

Romesh Ranganathan (2 pictures)
Darren Harrison

Ron Donachie (6 pictures)
Richard MacDonagh

Ron Moody (24 pictures)
Ted Morgan

Ronald Pickup (14 pictures)
Lord Charles Byrne

Ronni Ancona (52 pictures)
Anna Griffiths

Ronny Jhutti (1 picture)
Ashok Kumar

Rosa Escoda (4 pictures)
Sarah Jane Howard

Rosalind Ayres (5 pictures)
Marcia Phillips

Rosalind Halstead (4 pictures)
Beatrice 'Bea' Kaminski

Rosalind Knight (12 pictures)
Dora Greenwood

Roshan Seth (27 pictures)
Kushara Bandara

Rosie Day (35 pictures)
Kay Barker

Rosie Marcel (33 pictures)
Jac Naylor

Roy Hudd (19 pictures)
Clive Lloyd

Royce Pierreson (1 picture)
Spike Leonard

Ruby Bentall (43 pictures)
Cassie Lincombe

Rupert Degas (1 picture)
Brett Walker

Rupert Farley (1 picture)
Terry Jenkins

Rupert Hill (6 pictures)
Ewan Jackson

Rupert Simonian (1 picture)
Ben Stoll

Russell Tovey (27 pictures)
Adam Spengler

Ruth Gemmell (13 pictures)
Amanda Layton

Ruth Kearney (40 pictures)
Jenny Proctor

Ryan Early (2 pictures)
Ben Francis

Ryan Gage (11 pictures)
Russell Cobden

Ryan Nelson (1 picture)
Jason Beatty

Ryan Sampson (2 pictures)
Ivor Weiland

Sabrina Bartlett (2 pictures)
Gabriella 'Gabi' Mendoza

Sadie Shimmin (5 pictures)
Evalyn Slate

Saffron Coomber (6 pictures)
Lauren Earnshaw

Sagar Radia (6 pictures)
Zayn Aziz

Sai-Kit Yung (1 picture)

Sally Dexter (19 pictures)
Brigitte Nye

Sally Knyvette (1 picture)
Peggy Brown

Sally Oliver (9 pictures)
Caitlin Sykes

Sam Hazeldine (21 pictures)
Philip Jennssen

Samantha Beckinsale (10 pictures)
Maggie Thornton

Samantha Power (3 pictures)
Sophie Walker

Samantha Robinson (25 pictures)
Hayley Bishop

Sandra Dickinson (19 pictures)
Francine Jenkins

Sandy Foster (1 picture)
Kellie Simmons

Sara Powell (1 picture)
Louise Whellan

Sara Stewart (11 pictures)
Kathryn MacKenzie

Sarah Cartwright (3 pictures)
Eva James

Sarah Churm (10 pictures)
Carly Hollins

Sarah Douglas (44 pictures)
Victoria Parker

Sarah-Jane Potts (44 pictures)
Eddi McKee

Sarah Louise Young (3 pictures)
Amber King

Sarah Malin (1 picture)
Mary Noone

Sarah Manners (16 pictures)
Bex Reynolds

Sarah Niles (1 picture)
Miriam 'Mim' Sugarman

Sarah Vandenbergh (6 pictures)
Lana Hemmings

Sarah Winman (12 pictures)
Davina MacKenzie

Sasha Frost (12 pictures)
Sara Purcell

Saskia Mulder (48 pictures)
Marta Van Der Kolk

Savannah Stevenson (5 pictures)
Anna Cole

Scott Adkins (48 pictures)
Bradley Hume

Sean Maguire (46 pictures)
Darren Ingram

Sean Power (3 pictures)
Vince Linsky

Serena Gordon (8 pictures)
Elaine Taylor

Shannon Murray (8 pictures)
Fiona Fawcett

Sharon D. Clarke (5 pictures)
Lola Griffin

Sharon Duncan-Brewster (19 pictures)
Carmel Newland

Sharon Maiden (1 picture)
Tammy MacDonald

Sharon Maughan (38 pictures)
Tricia Williams

Shaun Curry (3 pictures)
Samuel Allen

Shaun Dooley (1 picture)
Dave Wilson

Shaun Williamson (16 pictures)
Larry Randle

Shauna Shim (6 pictures)
Ruth Evans

Sheila Burrell (1 picture)
Agnes Moorhead

Sheila Reid (1 picture)
Evelyn Mackonickle

Sheila Steafel (3 pictures)
Belinda Bell Humphries

Sheridan Smith (56 pictures)
Miranda Locke

Shirley Dixon (1 picture)
Alice Harman

Shola Adewusi (2 pictures)
Hilary Franklin

Sia Berkeley (1 picture)
Zoe Andrews

Siân Phillips (31 pictures)
Lily Sinclair

Silas Carson (12 pictures)
Sunil Bhatti

Simon Chadwick (1 picture)
Mick Sheldon

Simon Chandler (1 picture)
Adrian Walker

Simon Day (1 picture)
Frank Chapman

Simon Dutton (2 pictures)
Dominic Fryer

Simon Greenall (16 pictures)
John Locke

Simon Kassianides (4 pictures)
Marius Barrett

Simon Lenagan (1 picture)
Stuart Noble

Simon MacCorkindale (58 pictures)
Harry Harper

Simon Manyonda (1 picture)
Tommy Bevan

Simon Meacock (2 pictures)
Jason Nettles

Simon Molloy (5 pictures)
James Whiteley

Simon Nehan (1 picture)
Andy Hargrove

Simon Quarterman (11 pictures)
Zack Nash

Simon Shepherd (1 picture)
Tony Valentine

Simon Thomas (2 pictures)
Damon O'Brien

Simon Williams (2 pictures)
Sir Charles Merrick

Simone McAullay (9 pictures)
Ruth Culver

Siobhan Hayes (6 pictures)
Eve Lewis

Siobhan Redmond (31 pictures)
Janice Taylor

Skye Bennett (11 pictures)
Amy Reynolds

Sophia Di Martino (10 pictures)
Gemma Walker

Sophie Colquhoun (13 pictures)
Heidi Hall

Sophie Leigh Stone (2 pictures)
Jade Ashdown

Sophie Powles (1 picture)
Gemma Gartside

Sophie Ward (14 pictures)
Sophia Byrne

Souad Faress (1 picture)
Jocelyn Davidson

Stacey Roca (7 pictures)
Jackie Riley

Stefan Bednarczyk (1 picture)
Lawrence Conway

Stefan Gryff (1 picture)
Dimi Vagar

Stella Gonet (26 pictures)
Jayne Grayson

Stephanie Davis (356 pictures)
Macy Gardiner

Stephanie Leonidas (59 pictures)
Sarah Newman

Stephanie Waring (132 pictures)
Claire James

Stephen Critchlow (3 pictures)
Del Blakley

Stephen Greif (1 picture)
Rabbi Ben Silver

Stephen McCole (7 pictures)
Liam King

Stephen Samson (2 pictures)

Stephen Yardley (9 pictures)
Gerry Conroy

Steve Brunton (9 pictures)
Injured Docker

Steve Furst (1 picture)
Mr. James

Steve Hope Wynne (1 picture)
Robin Brandon

Steve Nicolson (5 pictures)
Nicky Gardener

Steve Speirs (9 pictures)
Jim Ellison

Steve Toussaint (3 pictures)
Charles Harrison

Steven Cree (6 pictures)
David Harlam

Steven Hartley (10 pictures)
Marcus Denby

Steven Webb (3 pictures)
Jamie Newman

Stuart Bowman (3 pictures)
Jack Moore

Stuart Laing (1 picture)
Simon Parker

Sue Holderness (9 pictures)
Gloria Davidson

Susan Cookson (6 pictures)

Susan Duerden (1 picture)
Amelia Ford

Susan Jameson (6 pictures)
Abigail Dutton

Susannah Corbett (1 picture)
Sorcia Winters

Susannah Wise (3 pictures)
Kelly Farmer

Susannah York (287 pictures)
Helen Grant

Susie Amy (78 pictures)
Susan Beckett

Suzanne Packer (1 picture)
Tess Bateman

Suzanne Shaw (99 pictures)
Tanya Cunningham

Suzette Llewellyn (1 picture)
Nanette Duval

Sven-Bertil Taube (1 picture)
Anders Lövborg

Sylvester McCoy (11 pictures)
Clive Brooker

Sylvia Syms (93 pictures)
Margaret Larkin

T'Nia Miller (1 picture)
Fran Connolly

Tamsin Topolski (1 picture)
Shelly Lang

Tanya Burr (313 pictures)
Joanne Pearsons

Tanya Moodie (3 pictures)
Alice Morgan

Terence Harvey (7 pictures)
Bernard Montefiore

Terence Maynard (8 pictures)
Anton Matthews

Terence Rigby (16 pictures)
Ben Woodley

Teresa Mahoney (1 picture)

Terrence Hardiman (10 pictures)
Harold Holland

Terri Dwyer (8 pictures)
Jane Collins

Terry O'Neill (3 pictures)
Ronnie Faulkner

Tessa Peake-Jones (2 pictures)
Imelda Cousins

Thomas Craig (19 pictures)
Ian Keel

Thusitha Jayasundera (1 picture)
Tushara 'Tash' Bandara

Tiana Benjamin (28 pictures)
Alice Dujon

Tim Matthews (1 picture)
Tom Lucas

Tim Smith (2 pictures)
Patrick Lupton

Tim Wallers (6 pictures)
Nick Dempsey

Timothy Carlton (13 pictures)
Leslie Clarke-Jones

Tina Hobley (74 pictures)
Chrissie Williams

Toby Parkes (2 pictures)
Noah Adams

Toby Whithouse (2 pictures)
Nathan Joseph

Todd Carty (19 pictures)
Cameron Cooke

Tom Ainsley (1 picture)
Ben Harris

Tom Butcher (3 pictures)
Patrick Haines

Tom Chambers (4 pictures)
Sam Strachan

Tom Ellis (22 pictures)
David Jones

Tom Georgeson (16 pictures)
Ernie Bostridge

Tom Godwin (2 pictures)
Dave Carson

Tony Britton (17 pictures)
John Wooldridge

Tony Maudsley (24 pictures)
Louis Herrara

Tosin Cole (45 pictures)
Keith Potts

Tracy Brabin (15 pictures)
Joselyn Meeres

Tristan Sturrock (15 pictures)
John Baxter

Trixiebell Harrowell (1 picture)
Danielle Kemp

Valentine Nonyela (1 picture)
Celestine Okaru

Velibor Topic (5 pictures)
Mirko Kovacevic

Vicki Pepperdine (11 pictures)
Lynn Cassidy

Vicky Entwistle (9 pictures)
Sandra Jackson

Victoria Atkin (16 pictures)
Lainey Craig

Victoria Yeates (5 pictures)
Sheena Clore

Vincent Franklin (7 pictures)
Kevin Gilbert

Vincenzo Nicoli (16 pictures)
Lloyd Fisher

Viss Elliot Safavi (3 pictures)
Jill Beach

Walles Hamonde (2 pictures)
Driss Aloui

Wanda Ventham (70 pictures)
Sheilagh Chiltern

Wendy Kweh (2 pictures)
Amy Teo

Will Keen (3 pictures)
Andy Brack

Will Thorp (19 pictures)
Woody Joyner

William Beck (1 picture)
Dylan Keogh

William Gaunt (40 pictures)
Terry Nelson

William Hope (13 pictures)
Steve Randall

William Hoyland (6 pictures)
Bernard Maxwell

William McBain (1 picture)
Mitch Campbell

William Postlethwaite (1 picture)
Fredrick Johansson

Wim Snape (13 pictures)
Tony Dunmore

Witney White (5 pictures)
Marnie Lindop

Yasmin Bannerman (1 picture)
Rebecca Arrowsmith

Yasmin Monet Prince (1 picture)
Emily Willis

Yves O'Hara (3 pictures)

Zackary Momoh (1 picture)

Zaraah Abrahams (16 pictures)
Alisa Cole

Zawe Ashton (41 pictures)
Abigail Meredith

Zita Sattar (24 pictures)
Anna Paul

Zöe Lucker (37 pictures)
Sharon Simons

Zoe Thorne (3 pictures)
Ellie Framton

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