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posted by leyla
tuba seni cok ama cok seven hayranin ben sane taa amerikadan dakip ediyorumm inshallah seni gorucemm
posted May 12, 2014
posted Nov 13, 2013
posted by Anisa Bislimaj
Seni cok cok seviorum TUBAA. Sen güzelsin ♥
posted Oct 26, 2013
posted by saad
Aslam-o-alekum mis tuba i hope u r gud n ur family u r very grate actar u look preaty gud in ASI I m very happy u r muslim GOD bless u
posted Jul 25, 2013
posted by RDX
Hi im rd im a fan of tuba please tell me his email address
posted May 7, 2013
posted by QAMAR
hi tuba I v.v.v hepy u muslim nd u so beautiful nd so ceut
posted May 5, 2013
posted by sayyod
hi! tuba I love you so much I am from bukhara I watch all movies I am wait new films
posted Apr 12, 2013
posted by Waqas
Me 4rm pakistan i lik urz acting n asi, nd realy u r a attrective girl lik u:)
posted Oct 26, 2012
posted by aiman
hello tuba Iam from iraq I love asi series only from your work.you are not beautiful this true but your eyes is very beautiful. any people in iraq donot love you because you are very sexy and donot keepe your body from people eyes.and GOD is putting you in fire when she is death because your black work in your life .I heat you so much
posted Aug 31, 2012
posted by karim
Tuba ur the women every man dreams of having ur beautiful smart cute n I'm sure u have a big white heart we all love you in australia and talk about you all the time I wish u luck n happenisse always be sure that your the number one we LOVE YOU
posted Aug 23, 2012
posted by maya
Tuba is amazing she's beautifull n is a great acter I love her alllllooooooooot n wish her all the best n to keep on going cz she's one of. A kind
posted Jul 15, 2012
posted by amit
a like asi drama very betifual acongratulation to asi and babies
posted Jun 25, 2012
posted by erik
I am sorry guys, but I'm afraid Tuba doesn't read these comments, 'cause I've read in one of her articles in facebook, and there she made a note, that she had too litle time, and she almost never uses internet. But in anycase, god bless her!
posted Jun 10, 2012
posted by Ismail Faqiri
your are the best, I am your fond and hop you successful during your life moment, Faqiri from Kabul Afghanistan
posted May 31, 2012
posted by lames
hi tuba i iike u & love u im so happy you are muslim. tuba i wanna look you a baby mmmmmmmmuuuuuua
posted Apr 23, 2012
posted by lames
i love u tuba and like u my dreem is see u in futur i wanna you a baby photo mmmmmmmmmuuua
posted Apr 23, 2012
posted by marwa
je t'adooooooooooooor tuba tu vraiment magnifique
posted Mar 9, 2012
posted by Jalal
دوستت دارÙ... I love you .you are very nice
posted Feb 28, 2012
posted by rokia
salut tuba ci arka de boumalne maroc tu es tres mangnifque je t aimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme
posted Feb 12, 2012
posted by abreha
hey tuba u so beautiful girl I like all your drama sis and I like the one with murat yelimide it was so nice drama I also love murat I mean the new drama with cansel eclin it was so nice. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
posted Feb 10, 2012
posted by MERIEM
posted Feb 7, 2012
posted by NesarAhmad
I tuba your very beautiful and cutie all photo Asi with me can you new photo send my emaill adress :All the best Ilove you tu
posted Jan 30, 2012
posted by akli nesrine
Hello tuba my name is nesrine akli I m algeran pupil of 14 I love you so much I hope you will have happy life with your husband and your twins god bles you and your familly
posted Jan 14, 2012
posted by medina
hi tuba i love you so much you know i am so happy you are muslim.tuba i wanna look you a baby photo.mmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
posted Jan 11, 2012
posted by violette
hi my name violette maalouf iam from lebanon also i see your film all the time & i love you tuba also i have all your pic also iam 28 love u plz if you see my message just reply me i will be happy
posted Jan 9, 2012
posted by rawan salouta
hi. my name is rawan . I'm syrian and Ilike your acting . Ifeel every thing you feel Ilike your origenalityand Iwish to tell you I've never been a fan for any one but you . please contenue to missmorize us with your work by the way am just a girle . I'm just kidding
posted Dec 20, 2011
posted by makia munther
Sana erişimin biliyorum .. İşte intihar bulunuyor Ben mutluyum .. Sevgili O, size kendimi gözyaşı .. Jerni ikinci kez aşk yineledi rağmen .. Ben ağaçlardan gömleğinin Ghazlt ve kağıtları Hastanın diyet hiçbiri yağmur damlaları Ben de seni seviyorum ve kesin olmadan ben gözlerini bir denizde seyahat olduğunu biliyorum Aklımıل ve fikrimi terk edip çalıştırın .. arkasında çalıştırmak .. deli .. Herhangi bir kadının elinde kalp tutanل
posted Dec 10, 2011
posted by Abdullah
You are so cute ,I like you so much ,Do you mind if we be a friend .Thank you Take care .
posted Nov 17, 2011
posted by Shoxrux.
Dear Tuba. I love you. I love you. I love you! Please, answer to your faithful fan from Uzbekistan.
posted Oct 31, 2011
posted by zaine
I am an avid fan of yours.I thought and wish in rael life you wll get married to Cancel Elcin but you got married to Onur instad. I wish you have a wonderful marriage. Wish you'll remain to be good and humble. Stay faithful and be a good mother to your future children. Good luck anmore success.
posted Oct 22, 2011
posted by Maryam
Dear Mrs Tuba , whenever I look at you I think of God. God created you so you are his beautiful creation. if God's creation is that beautiful what about God? How beautiful HE is ? He is Beauty itself . I am not talking about your beautiful appearance only. Although i don't know you except through your films but what I see is a good woman. You are really an angel.your inner heavenly beauty reflects from inside to outside. you are a grace from God . God is in Love with you and he cares about you as a special person. Don't be afraid to Love . the more you Love the more you become beautiful. God bless you
posted Oct 21, 2011
posted by NOUSSEIBA
posted Oct 14, 2011
posted by weam gaballah
Dear tuba i saw all ure movies and i love it so so so much and i wish i can see you in turkish when i come i wish i can speek to you and see you love you .
posted Oct 7, 2011
posted by venus
Hi tuba how are u? im from IRAN i saw ure movies and im eager to see u i hope to see u on real very soon and congratulation for ure marrage with onur saylak actually good for u i think he is good man and i hope that u get happiness life
posted Sep 30, 2011
posted by nour kamas
dear tuba,hi how are you,i love you so much
posted Sep 12, 2011
posted by sajjad
hi mrs tuba.. i want to see you.....i am from iran..hamedan.....i love you very much....can i speak with you?
posted Aug 24, 2011
posted by Amelia
Dear tuba; How are you? I'am from"cezeyir"; i'am 26 year old; i want to say you that yoyu are beautiful and i love yours movies; I love personality and all the roles you have played; good luck in your life.
posted Aug 24, 2011
posted by Amelia
Dear tuba; How are you? I'am from"cezeyir"; i'am 26 year old; i want to say you that yoyu are beautiful and i love yours movies; I love personality and all the roles you have played; good luck in your life.
posted Aug 24, 2011
posted by Abbas
Dear Tuba,hi,Today 4 days remaining to your promise.Last night i wanted send message for you but i couldn't.but everyday i should send a messAGE for you and after go anywhere.I'm waiting for you.Thanks.ABBAS
posted Aug 17, 2011
posted by Abbas
Dear my friend,hi,I had message of you and I'm waiting for your message again.I'm sure 5 days remain for you.I'm waiting.please send me again.Thanks.ABBAS.I told you send message for you every day but i couldn't yesterday but today morning first I send message for you.I'm waiting.ABBAS
posted Aug 16, 2011
posted by Abbas
Dear Tuba,hi,I see a section of your film every night and i'm waiting for your answers.today i saw a meesage of you in the facebook and i'm very happy of it,but i want talk you with email and it's very important for me.Thanks.ABBAS
posted Aug 15, 2011
posted by Abbas
Dear Tuba,hi.Today I saw you in the yutub and i'm very glad of it.I saw you can speak english.Anyway i think you can answers my questions.I don't know that why you don't see your website.I want send message for you every day because i should know you and it's very important for me because i want know my idea was correct or not?please send me my answers.I'm sure that your eyes is very innocent.Anyway I'm waiting.Abbas
posted Aug 14, 2011
posted by Abbas
Dear Tuba or my friend,hi.A person see by two eyes and feel by heart but i saw ASI with my heart and anytime you was happy i was happy and i was upset anytime you was upset.Anytime you was weepy i was angry.I want tell you A Actor same you and A viewer same me have a relation together because if you could play with my feels then i have very questions and needs to your answers because if you have authority play with my feels then i have ability answers my questions and if you are a guarantor Actor then you must answers my questions.I INVITATION TO CONVERSATION.thanks.I'm waiting.ABBAS
posted Aug 13, 2011
posted by Abbas
Hi Tuba,I saw ASI and your film finished three weeks and i sent few message for you.i want talk you by email if you want but i want really talk with you because i want tell you very things and i want know you have a structure same ASI and i want know if you are a human same ASI then you are a good human and if you are not same ASI then you are a very very well Actor that you could play same a human ASI.any way i liked know Turcky but i'm so sorry that i don't know Turcky.any way please tell me your idea and i want tell you about my opinion life same a friends and it's very good for me if you accept.i want tell you i was happy anytime you was glad in ASI and i was upset anytime you cry in ASI.I'm waiting and i will send for you till you give me my answers.thanks.Abbas
posted Aug 13, 2011
posted by flower
y're so beautifùl tuba ! i like yOOu ♥²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²
posted Aug 7, 2011
posted by hosein
im persian boy.tuba is my favorite actors.
posted Aug 1, 2011
posted by MIRFOZIL
salom tuba men sizni muhlisizman I LOVE YOU
posted Jul 16, 2011
posted by fatima
hi tuba i really like you you are beautiful!!!!!!!
posted Jul 8, 2011
posted by zineb
hi i'm a fun of tube please tell me her facebok
posted Jun 22, 2011
posted by gerlita guymon
hi Tuba,,,im a girl from Philippines. I like you so much..all of you movie I watch it with Bulent Inal..i like you both..love you both
posted Jun 22, 2011
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First Name

Last Name

Maiden Name

Full Name
Hatice Tuba Büyüküstün

Other Names


Date of Birth
5 July 1982

Istanbul, Turkey


5' 8" (173 cm)

Eye Color

Hair Color

Star Sign




High School
Dogus High School, Istanbul

Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul


Claim to Fame
Asi, Gonulcelen, 20 Dakika

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