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posted by Poster Grimm
Kudos to you Jeff Fiorentino. I'm a big fan of your guitar-work. And I agree with your comment 100. Dana Barron is amazing, I worked with her on a film in the 90's. I too Google myself to make sure there's no foolishness going on. It's a smart thing to do buddy.
posted over a year ago
posted by Jeff Fiorentino
Every so often I search for myself on Google to see what's going on. Glad to see the Dana Barron bashing has ended for the most part. As for mean people. Welcome to the internet. Lots of jealous folks out there with too much time on their hands. For the record I don't know the girl and was never married to her. If I was I would be very lucky as would any of you. I hear nothing but nice things from friends I have who have worked with her. Dana you ROCK!! - Jeff Fiorentino - JFRocks.com
posted over a year ago
posted by Lenny
I would like to tell Dana that she has done a great job. Let me say those of you that make rude comments probably don`t know her personally. I do not know her but have enjoyed her movies.I`m sorry to her sister so many people are very mean and judge without knowing.She has children and I would be very upset if I seen those things about my Mother.Dana don`t listen to the bad ones.Most likely thier most likely jealous. I think a lot of boys had a crush on her including myself.Now she is one beautiful woman.Her husband is a very fortunate man. Yours Truly
posted over a year ago
posted by The Hutch
I think Dana is a very beautiful lady.
posted over a year ago
posted by ACB
ha ha I'm not sure I would admit I was Dana Barron's sister. But I doubt anyone here is because her real sister would be smart enough to know you don't comment and call people losers. That's not good for Dana in the long run at all. If Dana's sister did comment that stuff shame on her.
posted over a year ago
posted by AJB
No, I'm Dana Barron's Sister, and I'm pretty sure I lent her my food stamp booklet last week to buy food for her 5 kids right after her 50th birthday party.
posted over a year ago
posted by David
Just watched lampoons vaction again for the first time in 20 years brilliant film, googled your name 2 c what your doing now an your looking pretty fine.
posted over a year ago
posted by ACB
This is Dana Barron's sister..and you are all a bunch of losers and mis informed idiots writing crap! Dana is NOt approaching 50 years old, she is VERY successful, NOT on food stamps by any means, has only one 4 year old child, married to a successful writer/director and makes more money off the 38 plus films she has done.. AND has won an emmy beating out whoopi goldberg and others. You people get a life, a clue, and better information before commenting on this stupid page
posted over a year ago
posted by Kimber
Dana Barron hasn't acted in years. She's looking pretty good for almost 50 though. kudos
posted over a year ago
posted by jane
Rebecca Stacey Barron? Actors shouldn't change their names mid stream. Even though it might be her real name she should stick with Dana because of the Audrey thing she did which I know is like her bread and butter.
posted over a year ago
posted by James
Dana Barron is OK I guess. She sure is milking that Audrey role though. She's not that interesting really. My question to her would be why is she crooked in almost all of her photos? lol
posted over a year ago
posted by shanna
Commenting on others making rude comments is only going to fuel more rude comments Matt. I think it's our society of youth. They see Dana and think old chick. That's just how it goes.
posted over a year ago
posted by matt h.
"I think dana is not only(still) a beautiful woman, but she is a terrific actress, in any role! some of you people who like to "knock" dana, what is YOUR problem?
posted over a year ago
posted by hambone
Dana Barron is a bottom feeder. Nice girl I'm sure but I wouldn't put any stock in her acting future acting career other than maybe another type-cast bout as Audrey again. (yawn)
posted over a year ago
posted by Kimberly S.
I know it's soooo sad! It's a shame her career never went anywhere. When I read she has to make her own clothes I almost cried.
posted over a year ago
posted by Janette
OMG I read that Dana has to make her own pants. I hope things pick up for her. :(
posted over a year ago
posted by Sara
Did Dana lose the baby weight yet I wonder?
posted over a year ago
posted by Courtney
Divorced and a new baby her 5th one I read all in the same year. She's having a quite a year!!
posted over a year ago
posted by kimber
Why does Dana Barron always look worried or hi in her photos. I don't think she knows how to pose for a photo right. I like her though.
posted over a year ago
posted by Lenny B.
I read at celeb reports that she was on food stamps. That can't be good with a baby on the way.
posted over a year ago
posted by Julie Ann
She's preggers you know.
posted over a year ago
posted by Kilm
Dana Barron is really stuck up according to some people who know her.
posted over a year ago
posted by Rodger
I never though Dana Barron was hot. She looks like an elf with bad teeth to me.
posted over a year ago
posted by Rodger
I never thought this chick was hot. Looks like an elf with bad teeth to me.
posted over a year ago
posted by jimmy lue
Dana Barron left us a decade ago for the great beyond. Why all the discussion?
posted over a year ago
posted by joel brown
I read Dana has 4 kids with 1 on the way. I know she has a son named Taylor Barron Vickerman, and I know she has a daughter named Celeste according to wikipedia but I wonder what she'll name the new one and is it a boy or a girl?
posted over a year ago
posted by Morris
Yup Dana Barron is fat now but I read she's having a baby so maybe that's why.
posted over a year ago
posted by chuck
She put on a lot of weight! She looks THICK in those newer pictures. What happened to her chest it grew but it looks like gravity is winning the war. It happens to the best of us I suppose.
posted over a year ago
posted by Genelle
Dana isn't known for being a pretty actress. She's known for acting. She's not really tall enough to be a leading lady or glamorous but she does acting really good. Plus she's Audrey duh!
posted over a year ago
posted by soldier boy
I don't really think Dana Barron is pretty at all. What's the big deal. What's with her flashing her saggy hooters in the newer photos? She's old I think.
posted over a year ago
posted by Horice
You're so right kenny. Somebody ripped into Dana for City of industry in a post about her revealing scene in The invited over at igossip. I pasted the link as a website link so you can read it. I think the latest comment has a point on many levels and I also think Dana's friend should lighten up. You put yourself out there you open yourself up to commentary.
posted over a year ago
posted by kenny b
Dude you say you are a friend of Dana Barron's well of course you don't like reading comments about her. City of industry wasn't a good movie. The fact is in my opinion the only scene worth seeing it for is Dana Barron having her clothes removed. She should have done more scenes like that and she would probably be a bigger star now.
posted over a year ago
posted by Refused
I know Dana personally and I will tell you that I don't appreciate people who make rude comments about roles she's taken like City of inudustry for example or Dana's personal habits or fantasies. Dana is just an actress. Like any actor she reads scripts goes on auditions and takes what ever roll she feels is good for her. Does Dana enjoy a good roll in the hay? Who doesn't, I know I sure do! Her personal life is her business and some of you would be wise to stay out of it and refrain from commenting on things you know nothing about. Thanks
posted over a year ago
posted by larry
A lot of times actresses have fantasies and rather than full fill them in real life they get to live them in the movies. For all anyone knows she gets off on being attacked. Maybe it turns her on and that's why she takes those types of roles. I wish the movies were better. I saw Python and I felt bad for Dana Barron to see how low her career had gone. Even the usually nice people at imdb say it's a bad movie and poorly acted. It's a shame she had a promising career at one time.
posted over a year ago
posted by Armour
Dana Barron seems to always get either attacked or have some sort of her clothing ripped off her in the movies she's in. Or she plays Audrey Griswold. What's her deal? Or is that her niche?
posted over a year ago
posted by steward
Dana Barron takes it all off in The Invited I read. I guess it's the fully monty bush and all. Do you think any stills will end up in here?
posted over a year ago
posted by stinman
The rear end shot from City of industry is ok but the actor with her in the scene got a much better view I bet than any of us the movie goer did. lol Oh the stories the crew must have. lol
posted over a year ago
posted by Milo
Congratulations to Dana on her new baby.
posted over a year ago
posted by stewart
Dana Barron looks fantastic with a beard! She's a handsome man that Dana Barron.
posted over a year ago
posted by Mike
Dana Barron is pregnant I read. That's reall neat. Or sad it if was an accident. I read she got divorced earlier this year. Ooops.Or at least I hope it's not an ooops I think she was great in Vacation.
posted over a year ago
posted by Helumt
Dana Barron is weird looking, she looks like an elf of some sort. I agree too she does always look stoned.
posted over a year ago
posted by olivia
The ones from the event all look like they are drivers license pictures. lol She's a good actress I like Dana's work but she doesn't photograph very well for some reason. She always either looks stoned or worried. It's cool she's still acting though. Good for her. Congrats on the new baby too. I read she's pregnant at igossip.
posted over a year ago
posted by Joel
Dana Barron doesn't do porno dude. Dana did a partial nude scene in City of Industry but I guess she does a full nude one in The Invited which is coming out soon. But IT'S NOT PORN so don't associate her name with that. Lots of actresses do nude scenes. I hope the one she does in The Invited is more tasteful than the City of Industry one is though. She's a great actress and highly underrated I feel. I read she's pregnant so I send a congrats out to her. She's was the best Audrey of the lot.
posted over a year ago
posted by Scott
Holy cow are Dana Barron's pants being pulled down in that photo? That's wild! I didn't know she did porn?
posted over a year ago
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Dana Barron


Date of Birth
22 April 1966

New York, New York, USA


5' 2" (157 cm)

Eye Color
Brown - Dark

Hair Color
Brown - Dark

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Claim to Fame
Audrey Griswold in National Lampoon's Vacation

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