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posted by gregory lehmann
Annette Funicello was truly America's Swetheart. She was the first performer I idolized,but not as much as Patty Duke or Cathy Rigby. Still,I deeply loved the 5'3",110 pound sweetheart,because she was a nice woman who never let the bad things like MS crowd out the positives.She looked beautiful no matter if she wore dresses or jeans.She was easy to love. She'll be deeply missed,but I took her death rather hard,because I lost a high school friend of mine,5' Beth Gerak,two years ago to MS at the age of just 52.Yet I will love Annette now more than ever.
posted over a year ago
posted by Alice M. Castro
Iremember how sad I felt when Annette told about having MS. I even said out loud I hope I never get MS. What I didn't know at the time was I already had it. I didn't find out until 2002. I know what she went through. Annette has always been in my thoughts and prayers.
posted over a year ago
posted by Gwen reed
Annette you are my favorite actress I have always admire you I would have love to have met you I think of you often.
posted over a year ago
posted by susan
annette i just love you my mother knows your mother you were born at the same hospital as me i also was brought up in utica st.agnes hospital i was born in 1952 i feel so close to you being that my family knows your family
posted over a year ago
posted by gregory lehmann
Happy birthday,Annette! You sure are a sweet 5'3" singer/actress/dancer who has always had nice things said about you,even though you're losing your battle with multiple sclerosis. But I still tenderly love you because you're such a sweet woman. You and 5' Cathy Rigby are about the only two performers even tabloids have been nice to. You don't realize,Annette,I love you,but I do!
posted over a year ago
posted by Carolyn Baylies
I grew up watching Annette. She is America's sweetheart. I wish i could have met her. I am the same age as she. She is a beautiful girl. Carolyn Baylies
posted over a year ago
posted by Kimberly K
HI Annette - I have long been a fan of the Beach Movies and big MOnkees fan so I enjoyed you in Head- just sending well wishes and hope you know that people care about you :)
posted over a year ago
posted by winnie A
View this all the time to see how Annette is doing, always in my prayers. Still have letters she wrote to me before and while a Mouseketter. Wish good things for her and less pain.
posted over a year ago
posted by kathy
annette thank you for all my memories of you on mickey mouse club i am still a huge fan of walt disney so are my kids and grandchildren god bless you for your goodness you are truly a angel on earth
posted over a year ago
posted by Madeleine
A fan who wishes her nothing but the best.
posted over a year ago
posted by Linda DeMayo Kordela
I stopped by to see how you are. I enjoyed all your pictures. I recall you from when I was a young girl. Looking at your lovely friendly helped me to recall the wonderful days of my youth.I hope you are doing well with you MS. There is a new drug out now that is helping many to do a lot better. I pray you are one of these recovering MS survivers. All the best, Linda
posted over a year ago
posted by lare
I had the joy of meeting you at the oregon costco! my grandaughter and i gave you yellow roses and you signed my m.m. club book!! you are a sweetheart and so beautiful we send our prayers to you
posted over a year ago
posted by Michael
I love Annette! She's so pretty and nice!
posted over a year ago
posted by Deb
Hi Annette. I grew up watching you on The Mickey Mouse Club. I even had my own Mickey Mouse ears(ha,ha). I watched your beach movies and i loved watching them. I really hope you are doing well. Im so sorry that your house caught on fire. I hope you are alright.You are the best. Please take care of yourself Annette. You are so beautiful. Take care. My doctor thinks i have MS. Please take care.
posted over a year ago
posted by Marji
ABC had those 50 60's Lifetime music. My era. I'm 75. They made me sad and one of the songs of Annette. I truly hope she is fine. I know what she has and medicine has made such strides. Hopefully, it has helped her. I will pray for her.
posted over a year ago
posted by Michele McEdward
Hi! Annetta, First of all I have loved you ever since the Mickey Mouse Club came Up to Ketchikan, Alaska in the 50's and your movies I see them when ever they come on TV. I was born May 1, 1942. And I always in my life I had consider you as my second sister. I lost my sister to ovarian cancer about 19 years ago. So anything that comes on the enternet about you I look it up to see whats going on in your life. When you came down with MS I have always donated to that cause. I wish you the best and keep up your good spirts. Lots Of Love Michele
posted over a year ago
posted by Jim Vogler,MD
Beautiful Annette: Like all writers I also was and still am in love with you from age 12. We are the same age. My wife allows you in my heart as she too remembers the wonerful days of our youth . Married for 46 years now and retired physician/surgeon and I understand your MS. Wishing only Blessings at this time of your life. I would love to just touch your hand once.
posted over a year ago
posted by Rollo Giannini
I always watched the Mickey Mouse Club when I was a kid.You were my first love as a boy. I watched your beach movies. They really weren't too great but you were in them. That's all that mattered. I even remember you on " Zorro ". When I got older I still thought about you. My wife was actually jealous. In 1994 I was diagnosed with MS. I found out you had it also. I can handle the physical problems but since my wife left me I get depressed. How do you handle it? Anyway I still love you.
posted over a year ago
posted by Gary Forrest
I had my mouseketeer ears on everyday after school and I fell in love with you. I carried your picture during Vietnam and your laughter echoes strong. God Bless you always.
posted over a year ago
posted by LARRY
To hold your hand, well that would be my last desire, you were always so beautiful. THANKS.
posted over a year ago
posted by CHUCK
posted over a year ago
posted by Joe Smith
As a child, I would rush home from school and turn on the television to watch the Mikey Mouse Club. Jimmy with his guitar, Roy standing tall and of course Annette Funicello. Tales of Spin and Marty and anything else to see Annette. Like this adorable lady, my health is racked too. I will always remember and Love Annette. I once met Roy Disney and I had hoped for a chance encounter with Annette. She will forever be loved, even though we have both grown old.
posted over a year ago
posted by Rev. Tom McGuinness
my prayer is that the Holy Spirit will keep you in his peace and strength
posted over a year ago
posted by betty anne
I Like Annette Funicello A Whole Lot I Don't Want Her To Die
posted over a year ago
posted by Jill EPLEY
annette, you are so loved by so many people. you;ve always been a good influece. so sorry to hear about you. god bless you and your family. JILL
posted over a year ago
posted by Brenda
You lived a great loife sadden of your health .My grandfathers sister had MS. I have Lupus ,and Sjourners sysdrome ,Hope some day a cure for these dieases and for all others as well.
posted over a year ago
posted by dianne lipare
grew up watching annette on the mickey mouse club.
posted over a year ago
posted by Cathy C.
I watched the original Mickey Mouse Club growin up. I am so sorry that Annette or anyone for that matter has MS. This is a horrible disease. Annette stay strong.
posted over a year ago
posted by Carolyn Kalember
I have been thinking about Annette lately and was wondering how she was doing. I pray for her and her wonderful husband. She was an inspiration to me growing up and to all now.
posted over a year ago
posted by Patricia Arndt
Happy Birthday Annette and many more, I have great admiration for you since you were a Mouseteer and followied your succes in show biz. I was so scare for you when I learned of your MS. You married a Jack and so did I. We are still married since Jan 21, 1967, 4 Grandchildren and 1 Great Grand Son Carson, 3 months old. Have a good day and God Bless you. P. Arndt, Mesa, AZ
posted over a year ago
posted by Charles H. Elmore
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a good day. God bless you. Charles H. Elmore
posted over a year ago
posted by Phyllis
Annette~ We share the same birthday and year. Wishing you the best always. Happy Birthday....thinking of you
posted over a year ago
posted by Charles H Elmore
I have been a fan since 1955. I have records, posters, and movies. Wish you all the best. Charles
posted over a year ago
posted by John Garlet
I am a year younger than you, but the same birthday. I carried a picture of you in my wallet during my tour of Vietnam. The All American Girl
posted over a year ago
posted by Deb Gouin
I grew up watching The Mickey Mouse Club with Annette Funicello. I think she is just wonderful. I just hope she is doing alright. I have watched all her movies and i have read her book A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes. I just loved the book. God Bless Annette.
posted over a year ago
posted by Wanda
Thank you for being such a role model for so many young girls. I watched you on the MM Club and in movies - you were and still are very special.
posted over a year ago
posted by Bill LaJaunie
I watched you from day one on Mickey Mouse Club and the Beach movies. You will ALWAYS be America's sweetheart. You have meant so much to our generation. God bless you always.
posted over a year ago
posted by Renee
You trully are a very special person Annette. I watched you on the Mickey Mouse Club and followed your endless number of movies. I send you and your family the best. Renee
posted over a year ago
posted by Roger Edmonds
My prayers go out to you. I was born in 1941 so I have followed your career all your life.
posted over a year ago
posted by Maggie
I always wanted to look and be just like you growing up. Your beauty inside and out..... Annette, lady, you have zillions of men still in love with you. And, your beauty is SKIN DEEP!
posted over a year ago
posted by Steven D
I was so in love with you and we saw your movies in Nam, keep the faith girl and Americia stands behind you, yell and could bring 100 marines in a sec lovya
posted over a year ago
posted over a year ago
posted by frankie heath
thank you for putting a good axample before many young peopla,
posted over a year ago
posted by george hudson
i was in love with you when i was twelve . my heart ached. now than im 61 im still the same old boy with the same love of beauty even vericose veins
posted over a year ago
posted by Constance
I grew up with the Mickey Mouse Clubin the 50's. Annette was an absolute role model! My prayers go out to her and her family!!!
posted over a year ago
posted by robin
My prayers are with you and your family. You were a person to look up too. God Bless
posted over a year ago
posted by Candy McConochie
You have always held a special place in my heart, I always looked to you growing up, a real role model! A very special person!My very best wishes to you!
posted over a year ago
posted by Gini
Annette was always my favorite on the Mickey Mouse Club. Best wishes to her and her family.
posted over a year ago
posted by Cheryl James
Annette you are an amazing woman. I have looked up to you since I was a little girl watching you on the Mickey Mouse Show. God bless you and you are in my prayers daily.
posted over a year ago
posted by jane
how is her health, today?
posted over a year ago
Image of Annette Funicello
Photo of Annette Funicello
Picture of Annette Funicello
Annette Funicello Photo
Annette Funicello Image

First Name

Middle Name

Last Name

Maiden Name

Full Name
Annette Joanne Funicello

Other Names
Annette Joanne Funicello
Annette Funicello

70 (age at death)

Date of Birth
22 October 1942

Utica, New York, USA

Date of Death
8 April 2013

Location of Death
Bakersfield, California, USA

Cause of Death
Multiple Sclerosis


5' 3" (160 cm)

Eye Color
Brown - Dark

Hair Color
Brown - Dark

Star Sign

Roman Catholic



Actress, Singer, Writer

Claim to Fame
Walt Disney's Mouseketeer

Music Genre

Music Style
Teen Idols

Music Mood
Summery, Amiable/Good-Natured, Fun, Innocent, Earnest, Sweet


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