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posted by Alex trebek
Question... Why did Kenny Jenny scream in delight. ........".,... Answer..... Because I fukked him deeply in his kuli riding the Hershey highway
posted Nov 4, 2014
posted by Ken j
I owe a lot to jeopardy. I love millie perkins and that real crappy insurance.... I bought it after a Trebek insisted and then he fumed me deeply in my culo
posted Nov 4, 2014
posted by ken jenkins
i did not answer all the questions on jeopardy. trebek gave me the answers and in return he deeply explored my rektal Hershey highway. Deeply monsieur trebek explored the innards of my rektal caverns and kame inside me while selling me that colon penn insurance. LONG LIVE ALEX T.
posted Feb 27, 2014
posted by Col Alex Trebek
trebekkies are loyal fans of a trebek, col Penn spoksman extraordinaire and rektal aficionado, loving il culo dos don Pardo. He examined the rektal Hershey tunnel of ken Jennings.... way to go trebbekko
posted Feb 26, 2014
posted by milPerk
I am truly ashamed to be part of the Colon Penn skam. Old geezers trusted me and in those horrible commercials I dooped may old bags and bagettes. I am sooooo sorry. Al Trebek made me do it, he said he would tell people about my kulo explorations.
posted Feb 25, 2014
posted by gilby
I am tired of pardo & trebek only! I too have experienced il culo di alex and had the pleasure of his herdonn inside my backdoor!
posted Feb 24, 2014
posted by millicent perkins
all these nasty comments between dPardo and aTrebbek is simply nasty. Yes I have seen trebbie go after Pardo to give him a Hershey highway exploration.... a truly deep rektal backdoor exam of the innards of dPardo... trebbie did the same to me for colon Pnn
posted Feb 19, 2014
posted by alessandro trebek
the comments from mr don pardoo are horrible. I loved his koolo so much.... deep and more deep exploring his rektal buco of love. I kame so many times in his koolo. He should not forget that
posted Feb 19, 2014
posted by don kuloo pardo
ooooooooooooooooooooo mr trebek! deeply explore the inner rektal depths of my koolo....
posted Feb 19, 2014
posted by don pardo
I lied,,,, mr trebek has deeply explored the inner rektal depths of my koolo.... mr trebek is a omosessuale bastarde
posted Feb 13, 2014
posted by DON pARDO
I NEVER HAD Mr Trebex explore the inner sanctum of my koolo
posted Feb 13, 2014
posted by millie
posted Feb 13, 2014
posted by Alex Trebek
Millie Perkins is a magnificent actress and a wonderful spokeswoman for col penn. she brought in a lot of people ready to drop dead and buying this crappy insurance
posted Jul 6, 2013
posted by Biff Hardkok
Wow! When I saw the col penn commercial I bought the insurance. I heard that Millie gets to know it and then meets selected guys to offer her vageena for pleasure activities. Her vageena is famous for its sweetness
posted Jul 1, 2013
posted by Kenny
Millie is one of the terrific actresses In Hollywood. Her personality, girl next door look really makes her special. Her work on the diary of Anne Frank was sensational. Thank you!
posted Jun 27, 2013
posted by Jommy
Millie I love your vageena. I want to be inside your colonPenn. Deep in your love insurance. I saw you in a movie where you were showing your splendid zizze. Millie voglio Kum dentro la tua caverna vageenale.
posted Jun 18, 2013
posted by Jaguar
Good morning my hot love. I got up thinking of you and being in your vageena! I grinded my organ in a manual manner and thinking of you as I became a geyser as I yelled your name! I love you Millie!
posted Jun 13, 2013
posted by Colonialpenn
Millie has a nice vageena/Boeing inside Is so Keena/i am gong to explode and them boom in your hole del amore
posted Jun 12, 2013
posted by MillieJackson
I want 2b inside u / deep in the cave while I feel my duro I. Your vageena
posted Jun 12, 2013
posted by TrebekAl
I want to fukkez vous my millie
posted Jun 12, 2013
posted by JoePardo
When I see you Millie, I want to buy colonial penn. then I want to take my Stanley tool and nail you!
posted Jun 12, 2013
posted by Abe Linkon
Oh Millie I declared a civil war for you. I fought for the right of having your vageena, for your klit and for colonial penn. I believe all Americans should have this so-called insurance and, when you buy the insurance then you should get to fuk Alex trebek in his frenchy cul!
posted Jun 4, 2013
posted by Lotto freq
Colonial penn was wise to choose the beautiful Mille Perkins. She has a delicious vageena and a culo to be drilled!
posted Jun 4, 2013
posted by Bobara
Millie. Ti voglio leccare la tua vageena
posted Jun 3, 2013
posted by Don pArdo
To everyone, the rumors that mr Trebek and are culo banditos is very true. He is delicious
posted May 26, 2013
posted by Carbon ara
Please Alex trebek I need your cul, I need the aroma of your jeopardiness and that cul.the and the aroma from your loins
posted May 26, 2013
posted by Pat sajak
I love Alex trebek's Quebec cul. Deep very deep inside him
posted May 26, 2013
posted by Lickmyklit
Millie my love, I want to buy some insurance but it needs to be from you. I want to put a strap-on and love you from behind. As you squeal with delight I will Kum and by that ridiculous insurance
posted May 26, 2013
posted by Frannie
Hey Millie lets get close and you can sell me some colonial penn as we kiss, enjoy each other's bodies
posted May 26, 2013
posted by Joe Trebecco
I am the younger step brother of Alex Trebek. We never got along because he was always an overbearing, know-it-all frenchy Canadian a-hole. He used to correct my French . When my mother married trebek a French father, I had to move from Charlotte sc to Quebec. It is a beautiful place but I felt out of place. I will never forget or forgive my step on crap brother, older thane but a nasty piece du merde. Fukez vous you jeopardy basrarde
posted May 13, 2013
posted by Trent
Millie, I bought that useless, stupid and overpriced colonial penn insurance, because of you
posted May 13, 2013
posted by Voi
Ti voglio leccare il tuo magnifico culo mia bella Millie. Voglio baciare la tua hot fica. Voglio esplodere nellA tua bocca con il mio kum finché la tua gola e piena del mio kum
posted May 5, 2013
posted by Boo
Millie ti voglio scopare, voglio infilare il mio uccello nella tua fica. Voglio Leccare Is tuo culino e la tua fica
posted May 5, 2013
posted by Johnny
Another observation about Millie the goddess. I really get duro wanting her, needing to be inside her love grotto, her love volcano then exploding love lava all over her!
posted May 5, 2013
posted by Fred
What can I say? Millie is a terrific actress and a beautiful soul. She is caliente and makes me easily durissimo. i yearn for my duro to be enveloped in her love grotto and feeling her envelop me!
posted May 5, 2013
posted by Torrie
Ms Perkins is a magnificent actress!
posted May 3, 2013
posted by Quasimodo
In seeing this commercial I went gaga for Millie. She is such a GILF, such a hottie that I would love to meet her. I want to take her to a club and dance with her. She i Braless, wearing a micro mini showing her hot ass cheeks. I really want to dry jump her!
posted May 3, 2013
posted by Frank
Is it so hard to imagine having il mio duro inside Millie's glory holer
posted May 2, 2013
posted by Joe
Millie is a woman I want to penetrate and wash her glory hole with Mann juice
posted May 2, 2013
posted by caroline
millie perkins is a awesome actress!!! :-)
posted Dec 5, 2009
posted by kathy
I was wondering if it is the very lovely Millie Perkins who is in a commercial for Colonial Penn insurance. It seems that the actress has her eyes, hairstyle, smile.
posted Nov 7, 2009
posted by Kathy
I remember Millie Perkins when she first came to fame and then played the part of Anne Frank. Now I think I have spotted her in a commercial for Colonial Penn insurance. Can you tell me if I am right? Her hair is white but it is the same style she wore so many years ago and those lovely eyes of hers. She looks wonderful, has aged beautifully (if it is indeed Millie).
posted Nov 7, 2009
posted by Albert Dust (Dusty)
I loved you in Anne Franks,looking for more of your work on dvd's.
posted Sep 29, 2009
posted by Maria Belen
Millie Perkins is one of the best actress ever, i've never seen a women more beautifull, energical, Spontaneous person, she was beautiful enough, today there is not people like her. A big succes no doubt.
posted Aug 27, 2009
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First Name

Maiden Name

Full Name
Millie Perkins


Date of Birth
12 May 1938

Passaic, New Jersey, USA


5' 7" (170 cm)

Eye Color

Hair Color

Star Sign




Actress, Model

Claim to Fame
Diary of Anne Frank

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