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posted by David Spohn
Greetings John, Haven't heard of seen you since our appearances in Cadiz. I remember telling all those stories from the 8th AirForce and watching you smile. The Foundation treaded neither of us right . I've wonder of you for years. Fred Crain died rescently and will be missed. Drop me a line to let me know if you're still racing. David Spohn
posted 4 years ago
posted by jh
Where the heck is he, and what's he doing? There's nothing on the net about him.
posted 4 years ago
posted by Kerry Brown
Mr.Gable:When my father past away, we were cleaning out his things and I found a picture taken in Peterbough England during the war. Your father was in a jeep in his uniform. If you would like a copy, let me know and I will mail it to you. Regards Kerry Brown.
posted 4 years ago
posted by Connie
Hi John-John, that's what my husband used to call you when you were little. His name is George or as you used to call him "poncho". He worked with johnny your gardner at the Encino residence. Have been trying to get in touch with you and Joanie.Please respond to my email address Thanks...
posted 4 years ago
posted by Mercedes
¿Hay alguna forma de conectar con usted señor Gable? Soy una gran admiradora de su padre. Sin duda "El rey de Hollywood".
posted 4 years ago
posted by James Brucker
Mr. Gable, my dad met your father in Hong Kong while filming Solder of Fortune and related an interesting story to me that I thought you might be interested in. Respectfully - James Brucker
posted 4 years ago
posted by Linda
John: You were with my cousin Alexandria Remlin for about 7 years. I received Christmas cards from you and her for awhile, but lost touch. I really regret that I never had an opportunity to meet you. I do not even know where she is for sure now. Very sad. Thanks for listening, Linda
posted 5 years ago
posted by Carole
I was named after Carole Lombard. Big deal so weren't many other ladies. I became a fan of your dad's by doing research on Carole Lombard in the 70's. At that time there was no internet and not many books about her. In fact there were no not much about her. I read the book The King and became a fan of your dad's along with Carole Lombard. I'd love to know about the ranch? I know its gone. Any stories about it. You look more like your mom that is for sure. Thank you, Carole
posted 5 years ago
posted by madison watkins
mr. gable, i am a huge fan of your father and i just wanted to tell you how much of an honor it is to be his son. if you ever have a moment, i would love to speak to you further, about yourself and your father. thank you!
posted 5 years ago
posted by Christine (Hepner) Groce
I am a distant cousin on my father's side. His mother's name was Rose May Gable. There is a very strong resemblance between your father and mine. Just thought you would be interested to know this. You can email me for more info, if you like.
posted 5 years ago
posted by Christine (Hepner) Groce
I am a distant cousin on my father's side. His mother's name was Rose May Gable. She was born in Cadiz, OH. There was a very strong resemblance between my father and yours. If you would like to know more, please feel free to email me anytime.
posted 5 years ago
posted by nikkita lee
would love to meet you thats if your single, look at my web site hope to hear from you
posted 5 years ago
posted by Stephanie Stanley
John, I see your dear mother Kay in your face, you have the color of your father's eyes. God bless you and your children. Your father of course was a very great man.
posted 6 years ago
posted by Heather
posted 6 years ago
posted by mili parks
in the 1950's my grandfather was friehds with your father.he built guns for the spaghetti westerns in hollywood
posted 6 years ago
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John Clark Gable


Date of Birth
20 March 1961

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Clark Gable`s only son

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