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posted by Marcy Harraway
I first saw Hayley in Whistle Down The Wind when I was 11yrs old (1962),in Auckland, New Zealand. We were all given a photo of Hayley holding a kitten at that movie and I still have it today, along with hundreds more and I have always treasured them. She captured our hearts and still does. I have always wished that one day I would meet her. I haven't yet but maybe one day. Lots of Love Hayley....Marcy
posted 4 months ago
posted by Donna
posted 12 months ago
posted by Gary
I was a teen when I heard the hit tune, "Lets Get Together" from the great hit movie, "Parent Trap". I've always liked, even loved her alot'I mean inside, where the real substance of a person is. Shes special to me. happiness,meaning & purpose in life come from surrendering ones life to God then everything else falls into place. I pray this talented actress has, Gary
posted 2 years ago
posted by Larry
We love Hayley Mills here in the States. Glad she is on stage again!
posted 3 years ago
posted by angus cameron
I think that Hayley Mills is still one of the best actresses I have seen on the movie and T.V. screen
posted 3 years ago
posted by Black rose
when I was little, I was all ways told I was the spitting image of Hayley Mills. I look at these pictures now at 12 and wonnder how the hell they got pictures of me when that was way before I was born!
posted 4 years ago
posted by Donna
I have had the lucky fortune to see Hayley Mills three times! She is a wonderful person, very sweet, she gave me a hug!!! So we refer to her as "Hayley the Hugger". Her birthday is April l8th. where are you now,Hayley? Donna
posted 4 years ago
posted by Larry
Hayley reached out and grabbed our hearts many years ago and we don't want her to let go.
posted 4 years ago
posted by Michael D. Coy
When I was a teen and a fan of Hayley, I collected 3,562 pics of her in my collection. Wehn family divorced, I had to move to Indiana to live with a great Aunt Alene. It was there that one of my cousins made a foxhole and burnt my entire collection. He didn't get my albums. Hayley is a very special lady to her fans. God Bless you Hayley Mills, U R Loved.
posted 4 years ago
posted by Marion Coleman
Hayley,I wish we could be friends on Facebook.You were great. I Love You. Marion Coleman,Feb.2,2011
posted 4 years ago
posted by Jeanne Duffy
I loved every movie that Haley Mills was ever in. I think I actually identified with her so closely that I wanted to be just like her. I till think she is a wonderful actress, and I wish she was in more things now. I could never get the British accent down, but in my lively imagination I WAS her at that stage in my life. We are pretty close in age. I think she still has her acting chops. Does anybody know if she is doing anything like live theatre now?
posted 4 years ago
posted by Marion Coleman
I am sorry,I made a mistake in typing. I really like Hayley Mills. She is beautiful. I wish she would still act in movies.I like all her movies.I play "Pollyanna"for a lot of my friends when they come to visit me.I also like "Summer Magic". I played this movie for my friend last night. I wish she was on Facebook. I am on Facebook.I think she is the best. I was born in 1947.Hayley,I love you.Best Wishes,Marion Coleman,Athens,Georgia.Jam.28,2011.
posted 4 years ago
posted by Marion Coleman
I like Haley Mills. I own two of her movies.I wish she would still act in movies. She was great.O also wish she was on Facebook. I am on Facebook.
posted 4 years ago
posted by edd
I have played 'Pollyanna' since it was first made. Whenever i'm down, it's the pick me up movie...and i too had a crush on Hayley and still have a little patter in the heart today.
posted 4 years ago
posted by Rodger Spencer
Bridget;Hayley appeared in "Whistle Down the Wind" in `61, but with Alan Bates, not Olly Reed. Try amazon.com or amazon.co.uk
posted 4 years ago
posted by bridget gilmore
trying to find a movie called whistle down the wind hayley mills did with oliver reed early in her career.anyone remember?
posted 4 years ago
posted by Vikki Byington
Hayley Mills was my favorite actress when I was young. I am 5 years younger than she is. Love all the Disney movies. I have collected all the movies I can that have been put on DVD.
posted 4 years ago
posted by Roger Armstrong
Hayley was my imaginary sweetheart during my teenage years.
posted 4 years ago
posted by Trish
I met you Hayley, when you were in Auckland NZ with Juliette...I saw Noel Cowards Play 'Fallen Angels" with you both in the 90's production. You are exactly how I thought you would be - lovely. I've loved ALL your films...
posted 5 years ago
posted by Barb Brukiewa
I loved her in "The Trouble With Angels". I have enjoyed all her shows and her part on Saved By The Bell. Wish we could see more of her. She was cute and turned into a beautiful woman.
posted 5 years ago
posted by Jacquie Penny
I would like to know if I can purchase pics of Hayley Mills that I see on your site. Please let me know. Jacque Penny
posted 5 years ago
posted by Colin kirby
Loved every movie
posted 5 years ago
posted by jim
I've loved you for many years ! although your 3 months older, i miss seeing you on t.v.
posted 5 years ago
posted by Joyce
Happy Birthday,my was 03-19-1946 and when I was growing up everyone said I looked like you. I used to watched all your movies when I was growing up.My husband even said I looked like you when I show a picture of me in 1978.I would love to see you in movies now.I would love to see what you look like now at64.
posted 5 years ago
posted by Paul J, Stolarski
We wish " Happy Birthday for you. 64th years old. my birth is on June 19 1946 lived in Cicero, IL LONGTIME. did you remember to my mother's cousin is Mark Piznarski? he is working the studio movie. God bless you
posted 5 years ago
posted by ellen
i wish she was in more movies and television. i always liked her and i would love to find more information about her
posted 5 years ago
posted by james wright
There was a movie by Disney called Billy Has The Beat. Where can I find this?
posted 5 years ago
posted by Neal Van Haverbeke
Question; I thought I saw Haley in a recent movie called K-Pax but she's not listed in the cast. Did she play in that movie?
posted 5 years ago
posted by becky campbell
I have always loved you and maybe it because everyone said that I looked just like you when I was young.We are sitting here watching Pollyanna right now and so I looked you up...
posted 5 years ago
posted by ron
hayley mills is such a cutie,I will always love her Im 59 now I have the upmost respect for her and walt disney......
posted 5 years ago
posted by richard
I wrote Ms Mills for a photo when I was 10 yrs old...She was my heart throb!Keep it for many years...some jealous friend of mine took it! That was a sad day...
posted 5 years ago
posted by Peter
Fell in love with Hayley when I was 12. Wrote a letter to her and she answered and sent a beautiful photo. Now 61 and still have photo. What a doll.
posted 5 years ago
posted by John King
My next door neighbor Steve has been a fan of Hayley Mills since he was a boy. Steve now has ALS (Lou Gehrig's) and I was wondering if it would be possible to get an autograph from Hayley to him?
posted 5 years ago
posted by Matthew
She is a great actress! Why is she not acting now? I remeber her in a movie (forget the name) with a song that has the lyrics "sunrise moonset" in it. I think she acts in it with her sister as a twin. Sort of a thriller! Awesome movie. They should do a remake!
posted 5 years ago
posted by reuben
Very Underated,She was always my favorite and I still hold a torch for her to this day.Last winner of the Childrens Oscar in 1960 for Pollyanna.Stole my heart in Tiger Bay
posted 5 years ago
posted by anthony
Best actress I ever saw.She was so underated Hollywood was truly blind.The Glad game was so "swell"
posted 5 years ago
posted by Annie
Pollyanna and The Parent Trap are still my 'feel good movies' even today at 56 years old. They left a very positve impact on me. I play my own versio of the 'glad game' :) Thanks!
posted 5 years ago
Image of Hayley Mills
Photo of Hayley Mills
Picture of Hayley Mills
Hayley Mills Photo
Hayley Mills Image

First Name

Middle Name
Catherine Rose Vivian

Last Name

Full Name
Hayley Catherine Rose Vivian Mills


Date of Birth
18 April 1946

London, England


5' 3" (160 cm)

Eye Color

Hair Color

Star Sign



Actress, singer

Claim to Fame
Pollyanna, The Parent Trap -1961

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