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Bre Scullark Comments

    posted by catherine mutongole
    oh my Bree i loooooove u gal u rock my world Ur my best model.
    posted 3 years ago
    posted by joanna
    hey bre this joanna u probably dont remember me either..its been so long but i use to go to sullivan also...i was looking for jackie and i seen she wrote u a very long time ago...if u have her email i would really appericate it ive been looking for a while..
    posted 4 years ago
    posted by Jacqueline R S Springer
    Hey Bre this Jackie from sullivan I have been looking for you ever since I saw u on Top Model You know I am so proud of u AND WHAT ABOUT SPELLMEN COLLEGE YES U NEED TO GO . LOL email me we ned to hook up I know you are busy now. I am going to school for funeral directing AND yes I still take pictures. I made a Ponco with my pictures on it. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. WHEN THEY SAID YOU XOULD NOT I KNEW YOU COULD YOU GO BABY GIRL LOVE YOU THIS MUCH OH YOU CAN NOT SEE THAT BUT U ALREADY KNOW HOW MUCH. And u remember what I always told you HOLD YOUR HEAD UP.
    posted 5 years ago

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