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Mara Corday Comments

    posted by Maynard Merrell
    I admired Mara since the 50's. During the Korean war she sent me an autographed photo of herself in her bathing suit, with a note.I've wanted to let her know that I had not forgotten her, and made it home safely. I have her photo on my computer. I've tried contacting her without success. Cpl Maynard Merrell
    posted 2 months ago
    posted by Sam Latreeno
    I saw Mara in the film "Tarantula", and don't know who was prettier, she...or Agar.
    posted 8 months ago
    posted by Wayne De Leo
    Mara. A beautiful woman, once and still.
    posted 1 year ago
    posted by Barbara Riiff Davis
    I will try this again. I stumbled onto your information yesterday and wrote a long diatribe--and then was told it was not functioning! So, before I go into long detail, will see if this goes through. Used to work w/you at Earl Carrolls.
    posted 4 years ago

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