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Jonathan Taylor Thomas Comments

    posted by gary higgins
    and kindred soul. i think you r too. come see me lets do lunch. still grieving the loss of a close family me . my heart would jump for some cheering up. w/b!!! PLZ !!!
    posted 2 years ago
    posted by gary higgins
    johathan taylor thomas! you are an absolute dream. your eyes melt my heart. they also are windows to the soul. ive ALWAYS known about you. the communit calls it gay dar. i live in hi and am a kind soul as u, appear. come see me. lets do lunch and get to know each other, candy coated dreams, georgous! i would love to just even, get an e-mail. love always, hot stuff. your most enduring, fan. ive watched you guys, forever. why did you all, break up? luv ya all but, your hands down. your tv personna reminds me of a cousin that was killed by cops in barnstable couny cape cod mass, my home. i am still grieving and your georges blue eyes and deep smile always cheer me up and remind me of better times. yours truly, your, not yet met, new friend, any time. please write back, cheer me up, and make me love. its been 6, and a half years, and i just, accidentaly came, across my poor 23 year old cousin, and a friend, thank you in advance, for a reply.
    posted 2 years ago
    posted by kalen
    hey, whatsup dude i wish good luck to you kalen
    posted 3 years ago
    posted by Angel Fincher
    I'm one of your biggest fans and I would love to hear from u soon or even meet you in person. I'm handicapped and my dream has always been to talk to you or even meet you.
    posted 3 years ago
    posted by Rodrigo
    Great site! Yes, he deserves to be "honored"...he seems to be nice, friend; does anyone know if he has a website/blog? Thanks, Rodrigo (Brazil).
    posted 4 years ago
    posted by troy
    hey these r good
    posted 4 years ago
    posted by sarah arroyo
    Omg!!! you rock i love your work an what you do i've been the biggest fan of yours since i was a lil kid i had the biggest crush on you!!!! you the best love sarah
    posted 5 years ago
    posted by angel miller
    I live at 403 blue ridge oneida tn.i have been a huge fan since i was a little girl.I am exactly your age.my fantasy is to meet you.i know you don't have time for all that but it would just be nice.but you just keep up the great acting job and have a wonderful life.
    posted 5 years ago

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